$116 million auction of liz taylor jewels breaks record - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
$116 million auction of liz taylor jewels breaks record  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
Elizabeth Taylor's world-
The famous jewelry cost $0. 116 billion (
74 million)
It is more than double the record of a single collection, setting a new mark on pearls, lottery diamonds and Indian jewelry.
It is estimated that Christie's sold 80 pieces of Taylor's collection on Tuesday, raising about $20 million.
But from her famous 33-
The carat diamond ring is a gift from Richard Burton for her charm bracelet at many times their estimate.
Just entered number four.
An hour of sales, Taylor's merchandise broke the single record.
In 1987, the Duchess of Windsor's jewelry was sold for just over $50 million.
This model is back in one of the most historic works 203-grain (
Equivalent to 55 karat)pear-shaped 16th-
The century Pearl was once owned by Mary Tudor, England, and later by the Spanish Queen margar tower and Isabel for $11.
8 million, including commission, set an auction record for a pearl.
Burton married Taylor twice and bought the Pearl at auction in 1969 for $37,000. Taylor died at the age of 79. and-
Diamond necklace mount
It is estimated to sell for $2 million to $3 million.
But in terms of the first charm bracelet estimated to be worth about $30,000, it is clear that Taylor's reputation has exceeded expectations.
The bracelet cost $326,500.
A few minutes later, the price of an ivory and gold necklace featuring the theater medal soared to more than 100 times the price of $1,500 to $2,000, for $314,500.
Until the final sale, this trend continues unabated.
Famous 33-year-old Taylor19-
Burton bought carat diamonds in 1968 for $300,000.
Selling for $8.
8 million, about three times the estimated value, it sets
A carat record of a colored diamond
The huge rock, renamed Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, was purchased by South Korean businessman Daniel Pang, who bids for the South Korean-focused enterprise "Eland World.
Pang said the group owns several hotels and plans to show the diamond, just as it used to show historical memorabilia from Jackie Kennedy Onassis Manor.
Jackson's son, Chris Wilding, said in a statement on Wednesday that his mother would be happy with the auction.
"She is happy to know that her desire to have her jewelry owned and enjoyed by others has been fulfilled," Wilding said . ".
Christie's officials were also ecstatic about the result.
The Daily exhibition of Taylor Jewelry, fashion, art and souvenirs sold 25,000 tickets for $30.
The auctioneer knows that the auction is doing well, given Taylor's luxurious taste and global reputation as one of the last great Hollywood stars, says Rahul kadakhiya, Christie's head of American jewelry.
"It is indeed one of the greatest collections of jewelry in the world," he told Reuters . ".
"But in my wildest dreams, I don't think we'll be five times higher than this estimate.
Marc Porter, Christie's president and chairman of the United States, said the auction was the most extraordinary auction in Christie's history.
What he called "proof of Elizabeth Taylor's love around the world" and her ability to collect.
Other highlights include another gift from Burton, the Taj Mahal diamond, which marks Taylor's 40 th birthday. It sold for $8.
8 million. record of Indian jewelry. The per-
Burton's brahmapo rubies also broke the record of carat rubies. and-
Diamond Ring, 1968 Christmas gift.
When the third husband, Mike Todd, sold Taylor's 1957 gifts for $4, the Crown's other record dropped.
2 million, about 6 times the estimated.
The Taylor auction continues on Wednesday, when the actress's premium bespoke clothing, including her dress for Burton at two weddings, will be sold.
Online auction is about 1,000 lower
Pricing items at Taylor manor run at the same time.
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