$14g in jewelry and $1,100 taken - gold necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
$14g in jewelry and $1,100 taken  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
Authorities say more than 24 pieces of jewelry worth $14,000 were stolen during a burglary on Bidwell Avenue last Friday.
Four people living near Garfield Avenue said they left the building about 5: 30 a. m. to work. m.
According to a police report, when they came back that night, they found that the bedroom had been looted.
The first victim, 36-year-
The old woman said she took eight gold rings, seven gold necklaces, 10 gold earrings and a gold necklace from her jewelry box.
The accessories are worth $10,700, according to the report.
In addition, police said she lost two phones worth $600 and $200 in cash on her dresser.
That woman 40-year-
Authorities say the old sister told police that two silver watches and three gold necklaces worth $3,250 were taken from her bedroom, worth $900.
Police found signs of crowing on the door and have not yet been arrested.
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