1970s/1980s: on the 'fast bus' to downtown fun - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-07
1970s/1980s: on the \'fast bus\' to downtown fun  -  the jewelry store
I remember Vancouver from the beginning of 1970 to the middle of 1980.
It covers my teenage years to adulthood.
From New Westminster to Vancouver is a problem with the bus, you take the Ocean Drive bus to the mapole loop and then to the downtown of Granville.
When Dave Barrett led the NDP to power in 1973, they started the "fast bus" from the Lougheed exchange to the city center, and I 've been going to Vancouver.
Remember to go to the original Birks jewelry store to buy a Christmas spoon as a gift;
You gave them the money, it was put into a tube and sent to the office by air pressure, and the change was put back into the tube and sent to the counter.
We always have lunch/dinner in the Bay of the top floor Seymour restaurant.
Either roast beef or grilled salmon.
In the Scott cafe on Granville Street, there is a special treat, that is, fish and chips, and old wooden stalls.
My grandfather took me several times after watching a show at the Strand Theater across Georgia Street Bay.
I remember seeing Disney's Love Bug in Strand, and some of the kids in East van were sitting next to me.
They smuggled popcorn and popcorn because it was too expensive at the show.
We must pay attention to the usher because they may be kicked out because they bring the usher.
When it comes to movies, Granville Street still has all the old theaters where they paint movie murals on the plywood of every film supported on Marquis.
I saw the godfather in the heart on 1972, and the first day of Star Wars IV was on 1977 with the Free button: "The power is with you, "The Animal House in 1978 and the 1975 photo exhibition of rock terror were closed before they reached cult status in the 1980 s.
I even saw kalicura at the theater, who had the Panther logo on the show of the "adult" movie.
Capital six is new.
The silver screen theater in Granville aims to replace the old movie palace, which has now disappeared.
In fact, the word "disappear" describes most of the things I remember doing on Saturday while hanging out with friends or alone in downtown Vancouver. Buying an on-
Sales record for A & B Sound, looking at magazines I can't see on the European news on David Street
Watch the fine cakes in the window of Gizella on Burrard Street, enjoy strawberry pie at the Woodward restaurant, and eat cheap Chinese food at the White lunch across from Woodward on Hastings Street or at the Dragon Inn in Chinatown.
My brother told me about the Dragon Hotel and its famous feet.
Sliced long egg roll.
His usual friend of the 1960 s, the rock club, was closed like a retina circus.
Cheap movies are in Lux theater in East Hastings and although I have never been there, there is also a kung fu cinema.
If I were in Chinatown, I would have a look at the herbal shops, where strange dry medicines are placed in a wood drawer and roast duck is hung on the window.
When I was a child, my mom would take me to the Carnegie Library, the Vancouver Museum, and I didn't see the Egyptian mummies and the stained glass windows of William Shakespeare until 1967.
Vancouver is a dirty city with a lot of rubbish on the street.
It has many stores full of old items such as books/magazines such as Ted Fraser's book warehouse in Granville where you can waste your time checking out.
The city is cleaner now and the apartment is full.
My Vancouver was gone most of the time, and after buying a picture of Fred Herzog's 1950 to 1970 s Vancouver, I remembered my city when I was young.
Gerald Thomson, Vancouver day memorial at New Westminster: It took 1940 s/s for the three trams to reach Stanley Park: smaller buildings, a larger view
1950: spend the evening on the porch, Sunday at bay1950, UK: No selfie, just foncie 's1950: Vancouver is a "children's City" and there are plenty of places to explore that you are a neighbor '1956-
1964: PNE has always been a high light 1960 s: from the bustling Hong Kong to the sleeping verver1960s/70 s: when displayed at the City Hall, actually working the house on 1970 s cambie is $17,000 and you don't have to pay park1975-
76: you can always get tickets to see Vancouver canucks1970 s/1980 s: on the "express bus" to fun1980 s city center: gastown music scene Click why drive when you can take the light rail to the Expo?
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