28 fun halloween crafts - pendant and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
28 fun halloween crafts  -  pendant and earring set
This sweet bracelet and earrings set is in the spirit of Halloween.
Make a set for yourself and a set for friends!
Step 1: Preheat the oven to 265 degrees F (
Or the temperature indicated by the Clay manufacturer).
Cover the working surface with frozen paper with a shiny side facing up. Tape in place. Step 2: knead 1-
Ounces of white clay blocks and then rolls over the covered surface to form a pencilsize rope.
Cut the Rope into 1/2-inch lengths. Pinch each 1/2-
The inch between the finger and the thumb is long, and the candy corn flakes of the triangle can be made.
Step 3: Make the condition on the yellow clay, then make a rope slightly smaller than the pencil on the diameter.
Press the rope flat with an acrylic clay roller to form a thin clay strip.
Half of the belt extends to the wide end (base)
Wrap around each white triangle.
Cut off the excess with your fingers, smooth.
Step 4: Make orange clay and make a rope with the diameter of a pencil.
Wrap the corn flakes in white and yellow.
Press with your fingers flat and smooth.
Step 5: make holes for jewelry, insert the flower stem line as a bracelet by the side of the prepared candy corn flakes;
For earrings, start with a narrow tip and slide onto the pin.
The remaining pieces on the wire/pin are placed on the fiber filling-
Lined baking tray, bake as instructed, or every 1/4-
Clay thickness in inches. Let cool.
Step 6: Apply 2 to 3 layers of varnish. Let dry.
Remove the clay from the wire and head pin.
Step 7: slip 1mm-
The round lace passes through the end of the coiled rope and then through the ring at the bottom of the lobster claw.
Pull the lace through 3 to 4 inch, tie the knot, and then return to the end through the coil.
Curl the end of the coil with pliers and fix the round lace in place.
Knot at the bottom of the coil and then start the beading as follows: Step 8: E beads, pony beads, E beads, candy corn.
Repeat the length of the bracelet you need to create.
Slide over the remaining coils and jump rings.
Gently pull and tie the bracelet to jump the knot.
Slide the remaining lace length back through the coil and curl end.
Knot at the bottom of the coil, add a drop of glue water to fix it, and then cut off the excess lace at both ends of the bracelet to finish.
Step 9: earrings, slide the corn candy onto the head nail.
Add E-beads, pony beads, and then add another E-beads.
Use jewelry pliers to bend the ring at the top.
Cut the excess, slip ring to the hook of the earrings, curl off, place candy corn decorations on the earrings.
To provide real candy, go to the next page and get the pattern and instructions for making some "fiestive" plates.
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