3 teens arrested following ‘violent’ attack on boston jeweler - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
3 teens arrested following ‘violent’ attack on boston jeweler  -  the jewelry store
According to police, three teenagers were arrested on Monday for allegedly robbing and attacking a female employee at a jewelry store in downtown Boston.
The police responded to a robbery at around 10: 05. m.
In the area of 44 schools.
There, police said, they were directed to a group of men and women who met the description of the suspect.
"After seeing the police, the group fled the area on foot, but again in the area," the police said . ".
And teenagersa 14-year-
Old Boston woman, 14 years oldyear-
Old Roxbury, 15 years oldyear-
Old Hyde Park man-
According to the police, during the detention, the police spoke to the victim, who said the group had gathered at the door of the store and began to ring the alarm relentlessly.
The employee told officials that she had asked the group to leave several times but they refused.
She said she then opened the door and finally tried to get them to leave, and the teenage child allegedly began to laugh and threaten to attack her.
"The victim said the group began gathering her at the door, so she defended herself and tried to push them away with her legs," police said . ".
"At this point, a female suspect violently attacked the victim and started beating and kicking her while the group cheered the suspect.
According to police, the battle then continued to enter the jewelry store, "the suspect tore off the victim's gold necklace" before fleeing the area ".
Police said three of the arrested teenagers were charged with assault and assault on a victim over the age of 60 and an unarmed robbery.
Three other suspects have been confirmed but have been released from the scene.
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