5 other uses of your nail polish - times of india - imitation jewellery earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-20
5 other uses of your nail polish - times of india  -  imitation jewellery earrings
Depending on your changing mood, if you're one of those women who like to buy different shades of nail polish, but don't use a full bottle, don't worry about wasting all the nail colors.
In addition to applying nail polish on nails, do you know that this beauty accessory can be used for many other useful purposes?
Read on and learn more! -
If you have a pair of high heels that you're tired of, don't pile them up, instead paint the soles with nail polish to upgrade them.
Color opaque paint works best because they don't show the real color of your shoes.
In doing so, you don't want to put nail polish on the rest of your shoes.
So use masking tape along the edge where the shoe meets the sole
Just like you protect the ceiling and window glass when painting the room.
Once you apply the sole to the color you want, let it dry before applying the second coat (if needed).
Finally, tear off the tape and show a neat Polish job. -
Did you know that you can cover up scratches on worn shoes or boots with nail polish?
If you have colored shoes, if you don't get shoe oil of the same color, just use nail polish that matches the color of the shoes!
Remember to first apply a shadow on the nail, give it a minute to dry, and then check the color as a test.
If you think the color matches your shoes, feel free to apply on the scratch. -
Add some fear to your favorite accessories by using nail polish-like a bag or clutch. How? It’s simple.
Take some templates and tape and draw your initials on the bag! -
You can change the look of any junk jewelry you have.
Bring rings, pendants or earrings and color them in bright colors such as neon green or hot pink.
Just put the jewelry on the paper towel and start drawing. -
In order to prevent the color change of the new imitation jewelry, apply it with transparent or transparent nail polish.
When the air hits the metal, it oxidized the metal and changed its color.
Because clear nail polish will lock the air, it will make your costume jewelry look beautiful and new.
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