6 style secrets editors swear by -- and what to buy right now - big jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-14
6 style secrets editors swear by -- and what to buy right now  -  big jewelry
With the start of New York Fashion Week, we are ready to pitch to the eyes of a fashion editor.
We have assembled.
Editors and stylists will see this from New York to Milan.
The big story is not just about what is fashionable.
The reason we like these looks is that they are very practical. -
Fashion editors are famous for fashion.
They can be mixed with what you already have and show you how to dig into the essence of fashion.
The products were curated by the implied editorial team.
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There was a time when black was synonymous with fashion editing, but it is no longer.
NYFW street style shows the editor in the eyes of the rainbow
Capture colors in unexpected clips.
Here's how to naturally wear bold colors like neutral colors.
Who is wearing what, puff sleeve Hardcover: $34. 99target.
Bold color rules this fall.
We like how the saturated color of this dress is expressed. -
Don't bother with the tedious pattern.
Low-key accessories and comfortable shoes highlight its minimalist charm. [SHOP NOW]
Price: $75 nordstrom.
ComStyle tip: Plan your outfit from bottom up with these eyes
Grab sandals.
Yellow is still strong in the fall and we love these because they have a little bit of a stylish forward neon ---
We are now wearing a small autumn dress.
Editors like to go side by side, so they can match these with unexpected clothes, such as gray men's clothing at will --
Inspired working trousers.
Come on the weekend, try it wideWhite jeans.
Color will be popular anyway. [SHOP NOW]CLARE V.
Price: $209 revolve.
ComStyle tip: This clutch allows you to fix the color in two ways.
Match it with the monochrome dress above, or treat this knock-on guy like this
Like a neutral color combination, wear as your daily wallet. [SHOP NOW]
Although color is the biggest fashion trend this fall, fashion is full of contradictions.
When editors need cleansing, they choose a dramatic or unconventional white shirt.
Reason: It looks clean and crisp, like any color, is a statement.
Mango, button cotton, price: $59. 99mango.
ComStyle tip: The trick to making monochrome interesting is to wear a color under different shades.
For example, match this white shirt with cream trousers to create a warmer, more autumn look. [SHOP NOW]
H & M, balloon sleeve, price: $49. 99hm.
ComStyle tip: must love the clean white dramatic sleeves!
Whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt, this shirt is for you.
If you want to beautify the look, add a gold layered necklace or a belt, but that's all.
Let this shirt steal the show. [SHOW NOW]
Frame, tie collar silk blouse Price: $285 nordstrom.
ComStyle tip: guide your inner Parisian with this female tieneck blouse.
As shown in the picture, you can dress it up with luxurious velvet pants, or you can match it with casual denim.
This shirt is the same as all French things and looks chic. [SHOP NOW]
What do you wear? TunicPrice: $32 for long-sleeved buttons. 99target.
ComStyle tip: Go out in a long white coat and let you make this dressover-
Relaxed and comfortable jeans.
Add high heels to stretch your legs and let the coat flow. (
We love the yellow sandals on this list). [SHOP NOW]
Of course, editors love high heels, but the idea of wearing them all day has become thin, especially during fashion week.
All the comfortable shoes have fun details this fall, such as stacked high heels, pointed toes and unexpected details.
Highest HeelPrice on the day: $165 everlane.
ComStyle tip: Comfort is the name of the game, starting with the elastic back that prevents blisters.
The color of this shoe is very wide, but we like the dark ivy.
This is a nameless color that feels more complicated than black. [SHOP NOW]
Mango pointed shoes Price: $79. 99target.
We have white shoes everywhere.
Have to upgrade your summer sandals this fallhave --
In a pointed version.
The Slingbacks are designed to be comfortable, and both skirts and suits can be dressed in clean white. [SHOP NOW]
Jeffrey Campbell mysterious statement HeelPrice: $97. 46nordstrom.
ComStyle tip: the mule is ideal for these transition periods, but what attracts our attention is the trend of a unique heel profile.
We also like this fresh lavender. -
Color suitable for all skin tones. [SHOP NOW]
While skirts have always been a summer staple for editors, things are turning to midi skirts ---
They hit below the knee. -for fall.
Cuts and patterns are unexpected--
Think about the asymmetrical lines, folds and sequins of the day-
Highlight this and make a costume for yourself. Choose one --or all three --
These, mix the mule and crisp top and you can go.
Cos, asymmetric skirting price: USD.
ComStyle tip: Put this dress under oneand-done. The outfit-
Light chiffon red is suitable for both office and dating --night friendly.
We like to see it with clean white sneakers to create a cool, casual atmosphere. [SHOP NOW]
Who wears, seam asymmetric hem slip skirting price: $29. 99target.
ComStyle tip: If you buy a leopard item this fall, make it into this dress.
The asymmetrical hem makes you feel flowing and relaxed and everything is fine.
One trend we like is to mix leopard with textured leather.
For example, as shown in the figure, mix it with a pair of faux crocodile mules or suede leather boots. [SHOP NOW]J.
Crew sequins Midi SkirtPrice: $198 jcrew.
ComStyle tip: This dress is a daily pleasure.
Of course, you can make a white T-shirt and a white boot, but you can also make it a party --
It's worth it with a bold shirt or casual sneakers. [SHOP NOW]
The fashion editor's antidote to the thick knit and wide pants of the fall is to tighten things with custom men's clothing --
Inspired fabric.
This is a long-lasting combination that feels effortless and chic.
Remodel, Valero oversized BlazerPrice: $228 nordstrom.
ComStyle tip: The secret you can see without trying: plaid suit jacket.
Lightweight linen fabric is ideal for transitional weather and can be worn well on drapey knits. [SHOP NOW]J.
Crew Funnelneck striped ShirtPrice: $68 jcrew.
ComStyle tip: classic men's stripes are reimagined in a cool funnelneck blouse.
Pair it with the pencil skirt at work to mix and match the ratio.
Note: the comment says it's a bit big, so the order is smaller than usual. [SHOP NOW]
Mango, suit cut, price: $49. 99mango.
ComStyle tip: thin stripes become smooth and sporty in cropped pants.
Wear these brightly colored booties to make them less serious, or wear sneakers as you prepare to relax. [SHOP NOW]
You 've seen all the big jewelry trends we 've covered: jewelry during the day and modern jewelry, but this fall editors will wear layered necklaces that look and feel like Chuan heir ---
Even if they bought it last week.
This trend includes small gold boxes, mysterious stones and retro charm.
Here are our favorites.
Spark well, Spark pendant necklace SetPrice: $42 nordstrom.
ComStyle tip: wear these two delicate chains together or separately.
We suggest you show off when the weather is still warmthe-shoulder top.
In autumn, wear them on the high-collar shirts and feel the retro luster. [SHOP NOW]
Stray Co Zalea small box NecklacePrice: $59 Volve.
ComStyle tip: what could be sweeter--
More charming retro style-
Than a small box for storing photos of your closest people?
Wear it on a clean white T-shirt and be ready to show the photos as this is definitely the beginning of a conversation. [SHOP NOW]
The charm of Seville by Anthropologie NecklacePrice: $58 anthropologie.
ComStyle tip: It's hard to resist the antique appeal of these charms.
Put them on to dress up a denim shirt dress and feel free to make up a story about how you "collect" each and every one on your trip. [SHOP NOW]
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