6 trends to seek out at the one of a kind show - rose gold fashion earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-21
6 trends to seek out at the one of a kind show  -  rose gold fashion earrings
At this year's fair, more than 450 artisans were selling their handmade products, from jewelry to furniture.
The star's director for the show, Patty Stewart, talked about the big trend of the show.
Why do everyone like broccoli lights.
The exhibition was held at the Enercare center of the exhibition center until March 27.
This year, there are different textures for all kinds of items, from candle holders to vases.
Stewart said that many artists draw inspiration from the textures you find in nature, such as Sophia King in Vancouver and Sophia King from Sofia clay art, he made a range of $22 to $250 on it.
Stewart said that the art with information adds a personal feeling with a special phrase, from fashion to home decor, everything appears.
"You can really find a phrase or something that really makes sense, especially when you use something like this as a gift," she said . ".
These printed cotton pillowcases from King Karen King Saeed in Toronto make your pillow talk
The standard set of boxes is $55 and the size of the King is $65.
6ix LoveToronto plays the leading role in everything from mug to pillowcase.
Everyone's favorite De Grasse starturned-
Rapper Drake makes his appearance on the screen of Stephanie Cheng in Toronto.
If you want to hang another Toronto icon on the wall, Jose Bautista is OK too, $25 per person.
This concrete clock designed by Lisa Pointon of dconstruct
Winnipeg's Reico, $150, is an example of the metal color included in many products, "whether the whole product is metal or has a metallic taste from gold to rose gold, Stewart said.
She added that the color pens are also very large this year.
The name of the show comes from quirky works.
Toronto's Masa Lizdek's $199 broccoli light is just a product that people can't walk through without asking.
"It's not just about features, it's actually about something special and unique, something you can't find or see anywhere," Stewart said . ".
Concrete industrial materials are found in many surprising places, such as your friend, this stool from Al's Allie Croza in Toronto, for $75, and it also incorporates metal trends
"It's not just solid concrete.
"They gave it a modern advantage by adding some gold and metal finishes, so it was really cool," said Stewart . ".
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