7 cool and creative ways to wear pearls - pearl wedding jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
7 cool and creative ways to wear pearls  -  pearl wedding jewelry
"People looking for pearls must dive below.
"Fortunately, when it comes to wearing pearls, people don't have to break the bank. pearls are the most elegant fashion accessories that can show elegance and elegance to everyone.
From business leisure to cocktail party dinner, there are many ways to match pearls in addition to traditionally wearing them as necklaces, which is also elegant.
Pearls have always been elegant, but they made a comeback with some big celebrities such as the first lady of the United States, michelle Obama was seen matching her outfit with a two-strand pearl necklace and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker.
If you're one of those people who are fascinated by pearls but don't want to wear them the same traditional way, keep reading some cool and creative ideas about how to wear them, decorating and stylishing them. 1.
String a few strings of pearls together. don't hesitate to string pearls together.
In fact, some clothing needs extra energy to express the fashionable fashion.
Don't worry about getting the perfect look with just an even stock.
The more uneven the line, the more rough the appearance. 2.
Highlight your hair with a Pearl, cross the pearl with a wire and wrap it around the bobby pin, which is a great hair accessory.
You can also twist the wires into pearl beads, which you can buy at your hobby and gift shop. 3.
Highlight a pair of shadows with strong glue, take a pair of old shades and glue pearls of all sizes around the frame.
You have no idea how cool this looks. Who knows. . .
You may even start a fashion trend. 4.
Transform the blab shirt collar into a plain white shirt from fabOn and stick a string of pearls to the collar.
This will not only dress up the shirt, but also act as an accessory without wearing a necklace. 5.
The pearl dress can be Pearl White, but how about the pearl dress?
Glue or sew any garment by spreading the pearls around the border, around the neckline or across the fabric.
It is better to use some dark colors so that the color of the Pearl can be highlighted. 6.
Bridal jewelry with pearls on wedding day highlights your wedding day, which is almost the elegance you can get.
Deciding on the details of this big day is as important as knowing how to wear pearls and wedding jewelry, which makes the wedding look amazing and memorable. 7.
Why not take a boring clutch that is barely used and stick all kinds of pearls around it.
This clutch can complement almost any garment.
So you have it.
Seven cool and creative ways to refresh your wardrobe with a favorite fashion accessory. Happy styling!
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