8 fun ideas to get your kids to eat their veggies - red necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-31
8 fun ideas to get your kids to eat their veggies  -  red necklace and earring set
Is it difficult for your child to eat vegetables? Of course I do.
My daughter was great to try and eat anything before . . . . . . Then she became 2 years old.
Now, in terms of vegetables, it is almost impossible for her to eat anything but corn.
So I had to come up with some interesting ways and sometimes secretly put some vegetables on her.
Here are some of my favorite. 1)
Make a big pot of vegetable soup and add some interesting noodle shapes.
You can use the letter noodles or look for some interesting novelty shapes.
You can find some cartoon characters, toys and sports shapes etc.
I have even seen the shapes of pumpkins and Christmas trees.
Fortunately, your child will be busy spelling words or identifying shapes without noticing all the vegetables they eat in the soup. 2)
Let them drink if you can't let them eat.
Pour some vegetable juice on the ice, add a straw, a cocktail umbrella or a celery and watch them drink.
Your child may not eat as much fiber as the whole vegetable, but it is better to have them drink vegetables than not eating any vegetables in their system. 3)
Have you tried to provide them with some raw vegetables and some ranch dressing to dip them in many children who don't like cooked vegetables very much and they will eat them if they can dip them.
Just take a bag of small carrots and cut some red and yellow peppers and cucumbers.
Put them on a plate with a little ranch dressing or your favorite vegetable dip on the side. 4)
Further, let them create works of art with vegetables.
Raw vegetables of different colors and shapes are provided and they are encouraged to make vegetable collages on plates.
You can easily make your eyes with cucumber slices, make your nose with small carrots, and make your face with red pepper slices.
You can make your hair with parsley, shredded carrots, and even cheese.
Before you know it, you will find that they are tasting their "art supplies ". 5)
In order for them to eat more vegetables during dinner time, try a little salad bar.
Take out some lettuce, some sliced or chopped tomatoes, slices of cucumber, shredded carrots, slices of red and yellow peppers, little Siran flowers, and anything else you can think.
In terms of salad dressing, you can also offer them some options.
Our family's favorites are Ranch, Italian, Catalina and French.
In addition, some bread and cheese were prepared. 6)
Get the kids together and make a cold vegetable pizza.
Start with a new moon roll.
Expand the dough but do not separate the triangle.
Instead, push the seams together and bake on the baking tray according to the direction of the package.
Let the dough cool completely and apply some cheese (
We like the taste of vegetables or vanilla)
Add some raw vegetables cut into slices.
Cut into squares and serve. 7)
Especially when it comes to cooking, involve them in the kitchen.
If they are big enough, let them cut the vegetables and let them wash the vegetables (
Under your supervision, of course)
Ask them to stir it for you, or anything else you can think of that is age-appropriate.
You will be surprised how proud they will be of their finished product.
Believe me, they will try anything if they succeed. 8)
If all else fails, hide the vegetables in other foods.
My mom used to make us some special orange mashed potatoes.
We found it interesting, but all she did was cook some carrots with potatoes and mash them in.
You can also cover broccoli with tomato sauce or cheese.
Think about a dish your child really likes, and secretly eat a little vegetable in it.
Try these ideas and see which ones are best for your child.
Stick to it, sooner or later they will start to be interested in vegetables.
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