a city centre jewellery shop has closed down - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
a city centre jewellery shop has closed down  -  the jewelry store
The owner of a jewelry chain explained why they closed their stores in Cambridge.
Just after Christmas, Trollbeads at Market Street stopped trading and a notice in the window simply said "This store is closed now" and gave the contact details.
The company has contacted the company's headquarters, where a spokesperson said: "As the store is about to close the lease, we closed the store on December 27.
The store is located at 21 Mar, ket Street.
"Inquiries from any customer can be made via email and the Trollbeads product can still be purchased from us.
"The company specializes in charm bracelets based on Danish design.
"Since its invention in 1976, the charm and bracelet of the troll beads has been very popular," it said on its website.
Trollbeads charms will create lasting memories for your life, reminding you of the most meaningful personal stories that will allow you to recreate your unique adventure in your life.
Customer Eva Smithsonian said on Facebook: "great staff, excellent knowledge.
Beautiful storefront.
Another customer, Kayla.
Narice Liddington said: "This is a very good shop.
Bought a bracelet before Christmas and went to get it back to buy a bracelet of different sizes, only to find that the store was closed. Gutted.
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