a downtown jewelry store that celebrates the personal - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-07
a downtown jewelry store that celebrates the personal  -  the jewelry store
In 2015 Beth Bugdaycay, along with her husband Murat, launched the boutique jewelry collection Foundrae, all for a mix.
Wearer stacking rings, charm and creation customization for enameled wire, 18-
From the brand's 60-
Powerful Vocabulary of symbols
Transform the triangle, the lion head of power, the Bowen knot of true love.
Founder's first store, located at No. 52, Lispenard Street, downtown Manhattan, adopted a similar compromise: antique roll
Benches for top jewelers (
Shoppers can see where the item is welded)
Suite in the 1970 s
Giancarlo pireti's era round leather armchair for Castelli sits with contemporary works such as Moody's, eightby-ten-
The foot landscape painted by Tyler Hayes of furniture company BDDW.
"For me, it's totally the Hudson Valley," said bougday, who has long admired American crafts. (
Before she became a designer, she was a child who grew up in the border town of Brownsville, Texas.
And pay close attention to her parents who made traditional rocking chairs. )
Bugdaycays bought the TriBeCa building-a long-abandoned cast-
Iron warehouse built in 1867-
Three years before they started the brand, they planned to transform it into a townhouse and sell it.
Beth is still working as the CEO of "ready -". to-
But she said, "it's ready to start a new chapter.
So she, Mulat, and their two children moved in and set aside space on the first floor for the office and the final store at Foundrae.
"It's a lifestyle decision that allows us to reach out to our families," Murat said . ".
"The children came to hug us after school and said 'Hi '.
"The quality of the family is also evident in public spaces.
There are even bookshelves for books, including those before the 20 th.
Century American writer jesemi West is the ancestor of bugdayi, and visitors can borrow his work.
There is a 1930-pound dictionary nearby with a young Bugdaycay looking up words and a fun sculpture in London --
Artist Stephane Godec shows the danger of a young girl sleepwalking on the edge of a cliff made up of books.
"People use our work to tell their own stories," said Bugdaycay . " He seems to have inherited the instinct of narrative.
"In my previous role, I was removed from the customer.
With this, you end up being friends with everyone.
"Of course, this store marks the most new chapter in the story of Foundrae.
Next, Bugdaycay will release a series of men's clothing (
Super Large signets, slinky protection chain)
In the fall, there will be a new set of symbols for 2019.
In the jewelry she wears every day, there is a medal with five medals --
Stars, a symbol of dreams.
"But there is also an arrow for action," she said.
The idea is to dream forward.
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