a penchant for grandeur - simple necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
a penchant for grandeur  -  simple necklace set
Rajesh Tulsiani, director of Dwarkadas Chandumal jeweler, shared his favorite decorations on the round bracelet, this square kada is very high on the style quotient.
Round diamonds and water drops
The Rose cut in the shape of gold gives it a rich feeling.
This is a evergreen work that hides openings and can make any costume vivid.
The geometry blends with circles to inspire this modern necklace set.
The interconnected chain made of black diamonds supports three descending circles made of baguette, round diamonds and rose gold to make it look timeless.
This dress is perfect for evening dresses, which perfectly highlight the long neck.
The combination of gold and white finish makes the necklace fit in modern styleday bride.
A blanket necklace with diamonds fills the neck, while five strings of connected diamonds stretch the neck, providing direction and flow to the neck. Semi-
Precious green gems break the monotony of ordinary diamonds.
Light and elegant, when simple criss-
The design of the earrings is inspired by cross lines.
Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, chandelier earrings are decorated with white round diamonds.
Go with a little black dress or even anarkali from India.
Two elephants made of round black diamonds catch your attention with sparkling eyes made of red rubies.
With white round diamonds and polkis, this bracelet is the perfect choice for Indian and western costumes.
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