a rare peek at how walt disney world resort shows are made - designer costume jewelry

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
a rare peek at how walt disney world resort shows are made  -  designer costume jewelry
Lake buena vista, Florida(AP)—
With the excitement built later this year on Walt Disney World and California's cousin's new "Star Wars" land, it's easy to forget that in the biggest year in 20 years at the Florida theme park resort, A series of new entertainment shows have also made their debut.
If the famous Disney imagers offer their fantastic engineering feats on rides and scenic spots, it is the entertainment department that offers the heart of the Disney World.
Disney World recently invited The Associated Press to report exclusively,the-
The scene looks at how it combines the show together.
The Associated Press saw dancers rehearsing in the studio, rows of tailors stitching costumes together, a warehouse full of parade floats, and a room that used virtual reality technology to help make new animated performances.
On Friday, when Disney World launched a new Magic Kingdom Parade, the results of these efforts reached the stage, with a Hollywood studio street featuring characters from the "Superman" series from the Caribbean Sea --
The beginning of the animal kingdom Fashion Street Band and Epcot festival.
In a few months, the resort will host a new electronic animation show based on the "car" character Lightning McQueen.
Look at the back below-the-
People who make fairy dust in the scene.
Many of them were originally performers and have been in Disney World for decades.
BOSSBettina Buckley is responsible for managing 6,700 employees in the entertainment sector, who are responsible for more than 100 performances at the resort each year in 200,000 different areas.
Performing a character-based performance under Disney World's Disney company umbrella extends the life of the franchise and ultimately makes it more valuable to the company.
When she decides which character or property to use for the performance, she will pay attention to what the visitor says in the survey and letters.
She also considered the available space and how the show will affect the brand.
Barkley, vice president of live entertainment at the resort, said: "If a character resonates, we stop and say, 'Hey, maybe what we should do. '.
Once a role or intellectual property is selected, reed Jones, director of creative development, Alison Hirsch, acting writer, and a weekly brainstorming session by puppetry, vaudevs, musical theater professionals, improvise artist technicians and musicians, to find out how to integrate the story into three aspects.
Show the 3D world by writing, clothing, music and lighting.
There is no idea on the table. “It’s a one-
Hour variety show
"We can't get people to see it a bit because it's really weird and fun," Jones said . ".
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"I am the rubber to meet the road," said Cook, drama design and technical production manager . ".
He got a dark "front"
Visualise "rooms, two large screens and a VR headset help him see what the display looks like in a 3D model, and how to maintain them before building.
"It's the hub of the wagon wheels, if you want.
"We pre-imagined our entire show, soup to nuts," Cook said . ".
"It gives us the opportunity to not have to build a real one. world model.
"The costume DESIGNERHarmony McChesney is packed in a velcro bag at any time.
When testing the durability of the fabric, she will rub Velcro on the fabric.
"It's not ours, I said.
"It's not our friend," said McChesney, a costume designer wearing big glasses, brown hair and large costume jewelry.
Because the costumes worn by dancers, singers and costume characters are washed every day, durability is a must.
The department produced 10,000 pieces of clothing with the help of 300 sewers and six designers.
McChesney works in a room as big as a football field.
Hundreds of bright
Colorful costumes and dozens of torso dummies hung on the shelves on the wall.
On the most recent day, the sewer was sitting in a row of sewing machines near the dressing room, where performers tried on clothing.
MORE: Captain Marvel will be on a select Disney cruise starting Sunday: Disney tickets are so expensive that they may alienate the middle class, mcChesney focuses on costumes for the new March at Magic Kingdom Park starring Mickey and Minnie.
The dress is white and the fabric is printed with colored scraps of paper that look like a vanilla cupcake with colored icing sugar and colored decorations that look like icing sugar.
Custom clothing for Disney characters.
"People can use a lot of things for theaters, and we can't use them for theme parks just because of the durability and value of use," McChesney said . ".
"You want it to last for a long time.
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