a tale layered with tragedy - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
a tale layered with tragedy  -  the jewelry store
According to Palm Beach Garden police, the day after Christmas, Jeff Leiden robbed a jewelry store in a Florida mall with no guns in his hand.
According to Leiden's lawyer, there is no financial burden. The 50-year-
Former Red Sox veteran made over $11 million at 16
A year's career at home at a golf course. No.
It's not about money.
It's not a debt problem.
Probably about the loss.
About two years ago, 20-year-
The second of Jeff and Phoebe's three children, old Shane Leiden, died of a drug overdose.
Only those who have experienced this loss can truly know the level of despair that is accompanied by the most personal tragedy of all of them.
The parents who lost their children were an unfortunate club for themselves.
The rest of us will never really know how they feel.
So how to explain the sad side-by-side of Florida yesterday morning?
In Tampa, the noble coach of the Indiana pony team, Tony dungie, is burying his 18-year-
The old son who committed suicide last week.
Across from Palm Beach Garden prison, Jeff Ryden-
He used to have more saves than any other pitcher in baseball history. -
I paid a security deposit of $5,000 and went home to face charges of armed robbery.
"Jeff's teammates, friends and neighbors have all given a lot of support," said riden's lawyer, Mitch beers . ".
"They came out in droves.
Jeff was frustrated by his fans and felt that he had let them down.
"According to Beals, Rieden took five anti-depression drugs when he walked into the Palm Beach Garden Mall on Monday.
It can be traced back to February 20, when Sean-Andrew Lille was found dead in Orlando, Florida.
"Jeff was very upset after that," Beals said . ".
"It was one of the problems he had.
People handle things differently.
Tony dungie, maybe it will be easier for him.
He has other things in his head.
He has his team and all the people who count on him.
Jeff is still responsible, but he's retired.
He has time to think about it.
"There are also medical problems with Leiden.
According to beers, Lille boarded the vessel for surgery on Friday.
Three days later, he walked into the mall and handed a note to a clerk at Hamilton jewelry store.
According to the police, the note asked for cash and said there was a gun in Leiden.
He walked out of the store with an undisclosed cash.
The police found him at a nearby restaurant with money in his hand.
According to Lieutenant David O'Neal, there was no gun, and no arrest was refused.
According to beers, there is no criminal record in Leiden.
He was placed under house arrest and must be assessed mentally within seven days.
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