abhishek kajaria latest bridal jewellery collection at avama jewellers - times of india - pink jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
abhishek kajaria latest bridal jewellery collection at avama jewellers - times of india  -  pink jewellery set
Indians like to celebrate every occasion in a special way and the Indian wedding will never be complete without decorating bridal jewelry.
Wedding jewelry in India is very special, complex in design and beautifully crafted, which often attracts everyone's attention.
The beauty of each piece of jewelry is deeper, and it is the integration of beauty, spirituality and cultural essence of auspicious occasions like weddings.
The bride's appearance is incomplete without decoration, which makes a majestic look.
Bridal Jewelry includes a variety of jewelry such as engagement ring, diamond jewelry set (including Maangtika, chandelier, cocktail ring, polka or traditional pattern, etc.
When it comes to Avama jeweler's collection of bridal jewelry, the list of wedding jewelry continues.
At Avama jewelry store you can find the latest collection of fine jewelry, adding a touch of energy to the new Maiden's look and all the fine jewelry decorated by the Indian bride to finish her look.
In 2019, a collection of the latest pieces of jewelry was widely collected, wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry, more to make a statement than to add glitz and splendor to the ensemble.
The jewelry you carry with you will eventually make you feel a lot about your dress and style.
Abhishek Kajaria, director of Avama jewelers, introduced Maangtikka, earrings, nose pins, bracelets, diamond engagement rings and hundreds of single items that blend traditional and modern styles
Leading jewelry brands meet bridal wardrobe needs from top to bottom.
Every bride and bridesmaid's jewelry is available here.
Jewelry combinations such as Kundan earrings, sparkling diamond Maangtikas, headwear, trendy bracelets are absolutely welcome among brides.
All the days of the wedding celebration, the bride is wearing jewelry not only on the day of the wedding, but also on other days.
They include pre-
Wedding photos, 'Beautiful Land', 'sanggeite, 'reception on the day of the wedding.
From brooch and earrings to dazzling necklaces and bracelets, there are all kinds of decorations.
Designer lehenga designed jewelry and was inspired by Kundan Bollywood.
Choose the right piece according to the design and work of designer bride lehenga.
You can get everything from gold plated antique jewelry to match the look done by Zari entrustment lehengato, multiple
Pearl necklace, bracelet, maangteeka, belt, etc.
There are a lot of options in jewelry depending on the wedding or event and you should match the jewelry.
You can also buy heavy traditional wedding jewelry from head to toe.
While Mehendi's ethnic pendant suit fits well, the gorgeous engagement ring is the center of attraction for the day of engagement.
At the reception, a diamond necklace and a cocktail ring were perfect.
Don't forget to match your wedding dress with jewelry.
Abhishek Kajaria, a trusted supplier of bridal jewelry, has not left any stones to supply the best-in-the-
Complete the line wedding jewelry for contemporary and ethnic costumes.
The modern bride is sure to attract attention with the royal appearance.
Avama jeweler has hundreds of options for bridal jewelry.
Abhishek Kajaria has many years of experience in the wedding jewelry industry in India, and he can also help Indian couples choose the perfect jewelry.
The grand opening of the store was completed by the charming Bollywood actress MS.
Raveena Tandon at valdalan market in West Bengal Park Street area, Kolkata.
Media Contact: Abhisit kagaria, director of AVMA information.
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