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by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-10
about may birthstones  -  the jewelry store
May it be the birthstone of Jade?
This is a bright green gem that looks hard to get.
Emerald is very expensive & the quality of the gem is not the best.
Nick Raqi even bought Jessica Simpson a 12 karat emerald ring as a Christmas present on the show.
Here's how to get the possible birthstone even if you're not married to a celebrity. Embrace flaws.
Emerald is one of the few gems recognized by industry standards for natural inclusions.
When you think of the color of the stone that may be born, you may think of a deep, clear, dark green sparkling rock.
You will be surprised when you really go to the jewelry store.
Many of these gems lack clarity & they may have visible inclusions or black spots.
Learn to accept this as part of the Emerald reality.
Each defect makes your stone ring more unique.
Just make sure you don't pay too much for it.
Be prepared to spend money.
Emerald is a more expensive birthstone.
It may take a few years to buy your first Emerald.
Even so, you may have only one in your life.
Set a goal and save a certain amount of money every month.
In this way, it will be an achievement when you finally get the Jewelry & you will cherish it more.
Love gold.
Emeralds are usually inlaid in gold, in sharp contrast to green.
White gold became popular just a few years ago, as the emerald is a traditional gem, so the trend hasn't really been popular yet.
People see more gold on the runway, so it should not be disappointing.
Be careful to create stones.
Keep your eyes open when you're on ebay, or even at a jewelry store.
If you can see a crystal clear, dark green Emerald for only a few hundred dollars or less, be skeptical.
Look for tips on tags like l/c, which means the lab has been created.
This is a more affordable way to get these birthmarks: it can become expensive.
However, you may want a ring from Earth.
Anyway, know what you really buy so you won't be disappointed in the future.
Find a three-stone ring.
You will often see the emerald set in the style of the past, present and future.
The environment is traditional and unusual.
It may have a personal meaning to you.
Also, even if there is a small stone on the ring, it looks stronger than the solitaire. Make it last.
It is a big investment to buy a carved emerald.
Since this is your birthstone & your iconic work, you will want to wear it in the years to come.
Select a setting that you can easily resize later.
Also, it's more traditional to use your Emerald so it doesn't go out of date.
Found rough jade.
Venture into a jewelry store.
They may not have a lot of traditional birthmarks.
However, they often have a string of pieces of gems.
You can buy one and turn it into a trendy bracelet or necklace.
Admittedly, it doesn't have a complex spark, but it's now part of the trend in the jewelry world.
You can still have your birthstone even if you have a budget.
Let the emerald back to the second line.
Because the emeralds are so expensive, you may never have the stones that could have been born.
It is not necessarily the center of your work.
Look for jewelry that uses emeralds as accent stones.
In this way, you can still get bright green without paying all the green fees.
Also, the Stones look better in quality because they are smaller.
You can even find a fresh water pearl ring accented with Emerald shards for less than $100.
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