accessories go quirky and bold - times of india - rose gold fashion earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-21
accessories go quirky and bold - times of india  -  rose gold fashion earrings
From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood days, whether on international ramps, global film festivals, parties, awards parties and events, quirky, dramatic and vibrant colored beads are shown off more than once.
Nitya Arora is currently in several Bollywood-
The audience said, "the upcoming season is to show off the fragments of the statement in vibrant, trendy colors.
However, accessories that are visible almost everywhere are ear cases, chokers, statement ties, maangtikka, head cases, huge statement earrings and cuffs.
A lot of names and midi will be seen this year-
Gold and rose gold rings.
Avant-garde and quirky accessories with many Indian and Tribal accents are catching up.
In addition to the claw nails, horns and ivory will be used in the jewelry factory.
As young women are willing to try this unconventional work, more people will seize the trend.
"This year, many jewelry with Indian and Tribal accents have been seen in the world.
Vidya Balan and Sonam Kapoor in nathni (nose-ring)
In Cannes, it has an absolute place on the international platform.
Many fusion jewelry also make headlines by adding pop-simple traditional Indian accessories such as bracelets, foot chains, earrings-
Design and pattern of colors and tribes.
"The upcoming season is about showing the statement pieces on simple outfits and defining cut and bold outlines.
Neckpieces, giant earrings cuff spikes, rhinestones, faux diamonds, half
Precious stones and bright colors are popular.
"In addition to these, heavy bracelets are also an anger," said Avani Bhansali, the owner of the fashion store . ".
It is often seen in the world with colored stones, clear cuts, sharp tribal statues, headwear with natural patterns mixed with soft candy colors.
"In the coming seasons, marangtikkas will be big," suggested Nitya . ".
Huge statement earrings "big, bold, huge and thick earrings that are bright and popular-
Up colors with natural or tribal patterns are popular.
"Wear traditional clothes, dresses, fusion clothes, and even casual clothes because they look great," Radhika asserted . ".
Hair accessories designer Sugandh said, "hair accessories such as bows and neon clips, sparkling/gorgeous hair bands, lace or inlaid head covers are very popular.
If you are using hair accessories for the first time, slow down and do a little experiment before doing the same exercise, while being sure to avoid hair accessories, metal head chains, banana clips and silicone rubber bands.
The "neckneck" with snake pattern and color is also climbing the ladder.
The oversized blingy tie on gold, dull gold or matte gold is very popular.
Other than neon lights or pop music
Peter, of color.
Vintage lace collar necklace, rhinestones, half
Gems and neon colors will often be seen.
"These collars can be worn in traditional, casual and formal clothing," said accessories designer Radhika Agarwal . ".
Ear cuffs are the most obsessed objects of stars like Carla Delevin, Jennifer Lawrence and many other international beauties at home like sounan Kapoor, jackie Fernandez and Vidia Balaam show off to them.
A simple solid color suit, coupled with a letter of confidence and earrings in gold or solid color, will certainly surprise a lot of people.
Many bracelets, cuffs and colored bracelets were decorated on traditional clothing during the last wedding/Festival, and this trend will continue.
Bulky bracelets or cuffs are one of the best jewelry to wear on a confusing day as it goes with a variety of outfits.
The cuffs come with exciting blends of different materials such as spikes, diamonds, trinklets, neons and bold designs.
Another option in this section is the candy colored bracelet.
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