actress gina lollobrigida's diamonds fetch $4.9 million at auction - necklace and bracelet set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
actress gina lollobrigida\'s diamonds fetch $4.9 million at auction  -  necklace and bracelet set
Italian actress Gina Loro britgida sells more than £ 4 in diamond jewelry.
74 million Swiss francs ($4. 9 million)
Auctioneers Sotheby's said they set a record for pearl earrings in Geneva on Tuesday.
Lolololobrigida, the main sex symbol for 1950 and 1960, said she sold jewelry to raise money for stem cell research.
Pair of diamond and natural pearl earrings for £ 2.
29 million francs ($2. 37 million)
Auction records.
The pair cost more than $1.
Figure 98 million shows the sale of natural pearl and diamond earrings by the late actress Elizabeth Taylor in 2011.
Other valuables in the lololobrigida collection include a collection of Bulgari necklaces and bracelets, as well as a Bulgari ring featuring 19. 03-carat cushion-shaped diamond.
749,000 francs per person ($776,056). The 85-year-
An old actress took part in the auction, saying she hopes the funds raised will be used to advance stem cell research in Italy.
"Jewelry is for the sake of giving happiness, and I have been very happy wearing my jewelry for years," lololobrigida said in a statement . ".
"Selling my jewelry to help raise awareness of stem cell therapy, which can cure so many diseases, is a good application in my opinion.
The jewels are part of Sotheby's auction of "gorgeous jewelry and Nobel Jewels" in London, New York and Rome.
Overall, more than 600 gems and jewelry were auctioned and 74 were sold.
8 million francs ($78. 2 million). Other top-
Sellers include late 19. century 74. 53-
The exquisite yellow diamond of Carat is owned by His Majesty Sultan Ahmed Shah Kajar, The Last King of Persia. It sold for 2.
85 million francs ($2. 95 million)
Auction record of a beautiful yellow diamond
Ring number 27. 9-Brilliant carat-
Cut white diamonds for sale.
25 million francs ($4. 45 million). ($1 = 0.
965 Swiss francs)
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