advantages and benefits of buying gold & silver – they keep their value even during hyperinflation - rose gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-13
advantages and benefits of buying gold & silver – they keep their value even during hyperinflation  -  rose gold necklace and earring set
There is a story about the dangers of inflation, about a man in Germany after World War II who rolled his cart full of money to the store to buy bread.
It is said that when he turned around, someone threw the money on the ground and stole the trolley.
Maybe this is an urban legend.
In any case, this is the best example of money becoming worthless during periods of hyperinflation.
This is one of several reasons why you should always put gold and silver in the safe, ready to help you when needed.
Gold and silver coins look beautiful and look like something that will only be found in the chest of pirates.
Few people understand its true value, and for more than 1990 years at the beginning of the century, Wall Street financial analysts often laugh at anyone who buys precious metals.
In fact, the situation was so bad that in the 2005 currency exchange held in Las Vegas, a financial giant laughed at the topic of rising gold prices and said, "… Some gold bugs were lucky last year because the price of gold went up ", but investing in gold is a stupid game in the long run.
Since then, the rewards of these metals have sparkled.
The price of silver has risen from less than $3 an ounce to $10 now, the best return of all major precious metals.
Most people in today's life don't remember the time when money is worthless.
However, in the southern states during the Civil War, precious metals were needed.
Imagine how many times the homeowner heard the Union army cross the area.
The homeowner will run to their yard, dig a hole and hide their gold and silver.
The soldiers were trained to look for signs of such activity and were told to dig it out after they arrived to make the homeowner poor.
After peace talks, money in the South was worthless, inflation was out of control, and metal was the only thing private citizens could trade for food.
It will take some time before America. S.
Dollars in circulation.
At that time, stamps and metals were the same as money.
Skeptics turn a blind eye to such comparisons.
How can something like this happen here? they ask.
Consider whether the terrorists suddenly took over our government completely.
While this is unlikely to happen, it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
If our currency is suddenly declared worthless, what is available in the shops in the city center for milk?
What will the owner trade?
Think about how many governments have had a coup in the past decade.
When the currency of their country becomes unstable, how many people buy things with gold coins or necklaces?
Even if your country is considered stable, an unimaginable government coup can happen.
The biggest reason to have gold and silver is to help you fight against high inflation.
Recent examples have taken place in the last few years here in the United States.
Oil prices rose to $150 a barrel, causing food prices to rise.
Gold and silver appreciated at the same time.
As oil rose, the United States began paying for two wars overseas, and federal debt began to become rather ugly.
Because of this, people around the world are starting to sell their dollars and buy gold or silver.
This has led to higher prices for almost all precious metals.
During this period, the net assets of anyone with silver will double.
All of this is a perfect example of how Treasury bonds promote the accessibility of metals and why you should have them.
The only downside is knowing when to buy.
This is a problem recently.
Although the price of gold seems to have found a foothold around $1000, its future performance depends entirely on the government's ability to manage spending.
Since metals are not necessarily low now, it's hard to say how much gold or silver anyone should buy directly at this time.
However, patient investors can wait until the metal falls out of favor again until people open their eyes to anyone who buys the metal.
This is the best time to buy it a little at a time and hold it patiently until the next financial storm makes you happy that you are under its umbrella.
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