after bridal set, solitaire goes for rs 1.5 crore | surat news - times of india - pink jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
after bridal set, solitaire goes for rs 1.5 crore | surat news - times of india  -  pink jewellery set
Surat: After the most expensive bridal jewelry worth Rs 1.
Expensive solitaire diamonds on display at the gem and jewelry exhibition 5 crore glitter-
The price here is as high as 1 rupee.
5 crore proves the high end market
The final item did not lose its luster.
Anonymous Mumbai
Los Angeles-based buyers have struck deals with Ankit Gems, the city's leading diamond maker of high diamonds.
The perfect D/IF solitaire weight is 7.
01 karat, Rs 1 cutting effect is excellent.
5 crore on Monday.
Corporate sources say demand for singles is high in India and China.
Most buyers are interested in buying high
More than 5 karat end solitaire diamonds.
Over the past three days, there have been more than a dozen inquiries from more than 2 Karat singles in the domestic and other markets such as Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur --09' exhibition.
"The Mumbai buyer sent his representative at the show and he ended the deal by phone.
"The 7 karat Solitaire is one of the expensive diamonds shown on the exhibition," said Vasant Shah of Ankit Gems . ".
The day before, Surat-
B R. Designs, a UK-based jewellery manufacturer, sold a set of bridal jewelry worth Rs 1.
Said to a Sulat businessman.
Jewelry includes necklaces, rings, earrings, armbands, nose rings, bracelets and waist rings.
Industry experts said that Surat's largest diamond cutting and polishing center in the world has become the top enterprise in the global diamond industry, processing more than 1 karat of the single stone diamond nearly 80.
However, those competing for big-
Large and small stones from around the world either go to Mumbai or go to Surat to buy lone stones.
Rohit Mehta, Surat Diamond AssociationSDA)
He said, "You have to come to Surat if you want lonely people.
Some buyers prefer to buy more than 10 karat single-person apartments and only Surat can deliver them.
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