alesha macphail’s emotional mum wears heart-shaped pendant of her tragic girl as she breaks down outside court - silver necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
alesha macphail’s emotional mum wears heart-shaped pendant of her tragic girl as she breaks down outside court  -  silver necklace set
The murdered Alisa mcphil's mother is wearing a heart-shaped dress today.
After a teenage boy was sentenced to rape and strangled six children, her daughter's shape pendantyear-old.
In July 2, little Alesha was found dead in the woodlands of Butte Island, where she spent the summer vacation with her father and grandparents.
Today, when she left the High Court in Glasgow and saw her daughter 16 years old, she cried --year-old killer -
Someone who cannot be named for legal reasons-found guilty.
In honor of her daughter, the mother wore a silver necklace with a little girl's face on it.
Holding a drink bottle, the destroyed mother was thrilled after hearing the "most evil crime never seen before in this court" condemned by Lord Williams, a young juvenile.
"The court heard the nightmare of Alesha's mother because of her daughter's experience.
Devastated georgina said in a statement today that she will miss her daughter "forever.
Mother said, "how frustrated I am to lose my beautiful, happy, smiling little girl.
"I am happy that the boy who did so was finally brought to justice and that he will not be able to bring him pain to my other family.
"Alisa, my little friend, I love you so much.
I will miss you forever.
Iain mcsporan, the defense lawyer who led the prosecution, said it was "unthinkable" to have a child taken away in this "veterinary way ".
He read an excerpt from a statement of victim impact, which states that her mother had nightmares about what her daughter had done, and that her father, Robert mcphil, had gone through "unbearable
In another statement, the MacPhail family said: "We can't believe that we will never see our little angel Alesha again.
We miss her very much.
"We want the boy who took her away from us to be imprisoned for a long time for what he did to our family.
"Alisa may have disappeared from our lives, but she will always be in our hearts.
"When convicted teenagers are taken away, the mood in Glasgow's High Court is high, and Alesha's father Robert reportedly shouts," f * ing scumbag ".
The heartbreaking family mourning was held at a time when the teen killer, despite trying to instill "a pack of lies" into the jury, was found guilty.
The teenager tried to blame Tony mclakeland for the brutal murder.
Lisa's dad Robert's girlfriend.
But the panel saw through him and the teenager was found guilty today at Glasgow High Court for kidnapping, rape and murder of Alesha on July 2.
When little Alisa was asleep watching the Peppa Pig DVD, she had been living on Butte Island with her father and grandparents. The boy -
Drunk at a family party
Stole a knife from his mom's kitchen and an aleshaha from her bed.
A "shadow figure" was later photographed on CCTV with a mysterious object --
Believe it's Alesha-
The night she disappeared, she crossed the coastline at Rothesay.
On one occasion, at the construction site of a former hotel, the twisted killer took off the girl's clothes and covered her nose, mouth and neck with her hands, shaking her "violently.
Alesha suffered 117 injuries on her small body and died of "strong pressure on her neck and face ".
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