alpha omega owner leaves amid rumors, report says - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
alpha omega owner leaves amid rumors, report says  -  the jewelry store
The owner of the Alpha Omega jewelry chain has reportedly left the country as there are signs that well-known sellers of watches and diamonds are working hard to solve financial problems.
According to a report on the Boston Magazine website, on Saturday, Raman Handa returned with his family to his home country, India, after weeks of rumors about the financial situation of his business.
It quoted Radwan Kheireddine, senior manager of the chain's flagship store, as saying that a representative of a consulting group working for the bank walked into the store and asked about the inventory.
Until recently, Alpha Omega was a major advertiser in several regional media outlets, including the Boston Globe and Boston magazine.
But Dan Sculley, president of Boston magazine, said he started rejecting Alpha Omega ads in the summer because the company was lagging behind in payments.
Scully said yesterday that he saw a memo sent to Alpha Omega employees indicating that Handa returned to India for health reasons.
Headquartered in Cambridge, Alpha Omega has stores in Harvard Square, Prudential Center in Boston, Burlington Mall and Natick Collection.
Yesterday, Kheireddine did not call back to the Cambridge store.
Delegates from all four stores said they were open as usual during the Christmas shopping season, although Prudential Center stores closed hours earlier than the rest of the stores in the mall, the workers inside covered the display cabinets with sheets.
Store officials asked the company office of the chain. Calls and e-
No emails were sent back to the office, Alpha Omega PR staff and members of the Handa family.
But a salesperson at a store who did not want to be named said the workers were called together by the manager after punching in on Tuesday and told them "something happened" and "a few days later, we will find out if we will have a new boss or if the store will be closed.
"The employee did not see any memos about Handa's departure from the country and said that everything was normal yesterday.
There are some unfamiliar people working in the store and the staff think they are evaluating the website for a bank or insurance company.
"We were told that the store will be closed on Thursday.
But work on time on Friday.
"Personally, I feel sick about what happened," the employee said . ".
"I want someone to buy this place. we all have jobs.
"Raman Handa opened his first jewelry store in Harvard Square in 1980 and developed it into a senior retailer
New England's end watch is a regular on the Boston social dance stage, hosting charity events and sponsoring professional teams such as the Red Sox and the Celtics.
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