ancient warrior’s tomb and huge treasure hoard found in greece - gold jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-17
ancient warrior’s tomb and huge treasure hoard found in greece  -  gold jewellery set
A gold necklace in the soldier's grave
Agence France-Presse photo/Greek ministry of culture and resources: Greek afpu archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of an ancient warrior, which has not been disturbed for more than 3,500 years, and there are a large number of treasures, the Greek Ministry of Culture announced on Monday.
The ministry said the treasures were "the most important treasures found on the Greek continent in 65 years ".
The wooden coffin of the Unknown Soldier-
Obviously an important person.
Found on the site of the myceni people
The nesto-era palace is located on the burrobenisa peninsula of Greece.
He was replaced by a series of fine gold jewelry, including a string of gorgeous pearls, signet rings, a sword of gold and ivory handles, a silver vase and an ivory comb.
The jewels are decorated in the style of Minoans, a civilization that has flourished in Crete since about 2000, with gods, animals and floral patterns.
Archaeologist Jack L.
Davis and Sharon R.
Stoke of the University of Cincinnati has identified more than 1,400 "whose quality proves the impact of the Minos" on the later myceni people.
In the 2nd th century BC, the myceny civilization spread from the pelobanissa peninsula to the entire Eastern Mediterranean.
Located in the tomb of No. 2.
4 m long 1.
5 m wide, unearthed near Pylos, the site of Nestor Palace.
Built between 1300 BC and BC, the palace was discovered in 1939.
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