ap fact check: trump peddles suspect claims about clinton - gold necklace and bracelet set

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ap fact check: trump peddles suspect claims about clinton  -  gold necklace and bracelet set
WASHINGTON-In a speech attacking Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump took her far more influence than when she was secretary of state because he
He also peddled suspicious allegations that she used her time as a senior diplomat to enrich herself.
Trump accused Clinton of announcing a withdrawal from Iraq in a broad indictment on Wednesday, which was not really what she was concerned about. She did not know where to extract some figures from the refugee program and went beyond the established fact that the United States was killedS.
The ambassador in Libya made it clear that she had "let him die there ".
Trump: "In just four years, Secretary Clinton has achieved almost success in becoming single --
Undermining stability throughout the Middle East
He accused her of invading Libya "handing over the country to ISIS" because Iran became the dominant Islamic force in the region and supported the regime change in Syria that led to a bloody civil war.
He accused her of announcing her "catastrophic strategy" to leave Iraq to create another start for ISIS there.
Fact: These statements are only an understanding of reality. There was no U. S.
Invasion of Libya.
Clinton initially opposed it, but later sought honor for NATO.
On 2011, he led an air campaign to help the opposition overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. (
Trump speaks in support of the United StatesS.
Intervention at that time. )
While the violence has disrupted stability in Libya, the Islamic State invasion in Libya has been the latest, mostly confined to a small coastal area of the country.
Before Clinton's term, the debate over Iran's rule of the Middle East dates back to George W. A decade ago.
The Bush administration overthrew Saddam Hussein in neighboring Iraq.
Clinton supported arming moderate Syrian rebels during her tenure as secretary of state, but the Islamic State group arrived later.
It is not clear what the impact of such a policy will be, as President Barack Obama rejected it at the time.
She has nothing to do with giving a "catastrophic strategy" of departure dates from Iraq.
It's George W.
The Bush administration has announced plans to withdraw troops from the United States. S.
Withdrawal from Iraq in 2008___TRUMP: U. S.
Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff "put forward hundreds of security requirements.
They are desperate.
They need help.
Hillary Clinton's State Department rejected all this.
She launched a war to place them in Libya, refused the security he asked for, and then let him die there.
"The fact is: Trump has greatly exaggerated the security requirements, but not all of them have been rejected and gained the history of the United States. S. -
Libya is wrong.
The mention of the security request seems to reflect the Republican-
The LED Benghazi House special committee counted "requests/concerns" related to the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi ".
For many of them, there is no record of denial.
Some security upgrades did take place before Sept.
Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the 2012 attack.
Clinton did not start a war in Libya.
She supports a massive NATO intervention.
Mass violence erupted between Gaddafi's forces and rebels.
Nor did the conflict leave Stevens or any American citizen. S.
Libyan diplomatThe U. S.
Kept a whole
S. Embassy since President George w. BushBush re-
Established diplomatic relations with the Gaddafi government in 2006.
Several congressional investigations show that Clinton has no role in military decisions related to Benghazi, and the United States cannotS.
The armed forces stepped in to save Stevens in time.
Trump: "She manages the State Department like her own personal hedge fund.
"The fact: Trump's case is that Clinton used her office for personal profiteering, mainly based on widely questioned sources of information such as Peter Schweitzer's book" Clinton Cash"
The book argues that Clinton and her husband use the State Department to enrich their families, but it does not provide evidence of a direct link between business transactions of foreign interest groups, sometimes involving the Clinton Foundation, and Clinton's decision as secretary of state.
The Associated Press's comments on the State Department calendar do indicate that she opened her office to dozens of influential Democratic fundraisers, Clinton supporters, and corporate donors to her family's global charity.
However, the Associated Press found no evidence of any legal conflict at the Clinton meeting.
Trump: "In addition to the current record level of immigration, Hillary Clinton wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to relocate Middle East refugees in the United States.
"The fact is: for a businessman, Trump's numbers are unstable. The entire U. S.
The refugee resettlement budget is less than $1.
One year 2 billion
Including refugees from Cuba, Bhutan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Even including the value of all the public interests they may gain in the future --
Excluding their contribution to the country through tax
Trump's statement about resettlement costs is still confusing.
Trump: "Not long ago, I started a small loan in Brooklyn, New York, and set up a business worth more than $10 billion.
"The fact: the $1 million loan Trump received from his father was just the beginning of his family subsidy, which included a bigger legacy, loan guarantee, and even occasional bailout --
One of them was found illegal by casino regulators in New Jersey.
As for the value of the Trump business, every independent assessment found that the value of his assets was far below what he said;
Forbes says Trump is worth less than half what he claims.
_ Trump: "When Hillary Clinton was secretary of state, she accepted the jewelry of the Brunei government for $58,000 --
Plus her foundation, millions more.
The Sultan of Brunei has introduced oppressive Islamic law.
The fact is: Clinton did not show off the splendor of Brunei.
On September 2012, she accepted a $58,000 jewelry set that included gold, sapphire and diamond earrings, a necklace and bracelet that the Queen of Brunei visited the conference in Clinton and for the United Kingdom-
Language training program according to Federal Register.
The gift is not for her. it is for the United States.
Federal law prohibits officials from keeping these gifts unless they pay the estimated value to the United States. S. government.
According to the State Department's concierge office, Clinton chose not to buy jewelry, but to hand it over to the General Affairs Administration --
Standard procedure for most gifts from foreign leaders.
It is true that Brunei is an Islamic state that abides by Islamic law and is widely criticized for its human rights record, especially on the issue of homosexuality.
But gift exchange is standard practice.
As with almost all gifts given to all officials, the notice on the Federal Register says, "No.
Acceptance will cause embarrassment to donors and the United States. S. government.
Trump: "During Clinton's tenure as secretary of state, our trade deficit with China soared by 40%.
"Fact: Trump's statement is more than double the actual growth.
From the end of 2008 to 2012, this period was consistent with Clinton's term, and the trade deficit with China rose by 17. 6 percent.
Trump's campaign could use data from the end of 2009 to 2013, when the deficit did rise by 40%, but it did not match the time of Clinton's administration and did not leave sharp data on the recession.
Induction declined in 2009.
More broadly, the secretary of state is usually not responsible for the trade deficit, which mainly reflects the health of the United States. S.
Global economy, differences in national spending and savings, and trade policies implemented by the United StatesS.
Trade Representative.
Trump: "We are the highest --
Tax-paying countries in the world
The truth is: the opposite is true. The U. S.
In 34 developed countries and large emerging economies, the tax burden is actually one of the lowest
A market economy that constitutes an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
Taxes account for 26% of total U. S. taxes. S.
According to the OECD, the economy in 2014.
This is far below the tax burden of Sweden 42.
7%, 32 in the UK.
6% or Germany 36. 1 percent.
The OECD has only three lower numbers: Chile, South Korea and Mexico.
Trump: "She promised a massive amnesty, and in her first 100 days, almost all immigration enforcement was ended, thus creating a completely open border in the United States.
"The fact is: it's not true that Clinton's plan will not create open borders.
Her plan does call for the establishment of a path to citizenship that allows people who are currently in the country to stay illegally, but only if they go through a series of steps to become citizens.
In terms of law enforcement, Clinton called for a focus on "detaining and expelling individuals who pose a violent threat to public security", but not ending law enforcement directly.
Trump: "According to her plan, we will accept thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on Earth, and there is no way to screen who they are, what they are, what they believe, where did they come from.
"The truth is: Clinton called on the United States to continue accepting refugees, including as many as 65,000 people from Syria.
But Trump's position on Clinton's refugee review is wrong.
She never said it would reduce the current refugee processing system.
Under this system, a person's faith is usually not an obstacle to entering the United States. S.
The refugees were inspected to ensure that they did not have a criminal record and were not identified by intelligence agencies as having links to terrorist organizations.
Trump: "We will abolish and replace work --
Kill Obama
It was a disaster.
"The fact is: Since Obama's health care reform was signed into law in March 2010, job growth has been solid by historical standards.
Since then, employers have added nearly 14 million jobs, and companies have been recruiting jobs for the longest time in a row.
World War II.
2014 and 2015 are the best two years of private life
Department recruitment since the end of 1990.
At the same time, the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.
7%, a new low in eight and a half years, from 9.
9% when the law is passed.
Christopher S. , AP writer.
Chad Day, Michael beisker, Erin Sullivan, Alicia.
Caldwell, Jeff Horvitz, Nancy Benak, Matthew Lee, Jill Colvin and Carl Woodward contributed to the story.
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