are the oilers doomed to shootout sadness? - fancy necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
are the oilers doomed to shootout sadness?  -  fancy necklace set
* Project: a bit of a great shot-
The good news is there are 15 oil workers-
Last season he made four records in the penalty shoot, which kept him at the top of the playoffs.
The bad news is that there are 15-
4 gunfights last season, which is likely to mean that every oilman fan and his dog are now seriously overRate the team
Hockey pessimist realists have been pointing out for months that the success of this amazing shootout is a product of luck.
This luck overstates the total points of oil last season, which means that even if the team makes progress, it is difficult for the team to get the same amount of points this year.
This seems to be a fair enough argument, and of course, the gun battle record for some oil also boils down to skill.
Mathieu gallon on the 10 th
The record of the 0 Penalty shootout does look like last year's penalty shootout goalkeeper Peter schmetcher.
Garon used the same guerrilla tactics in each separation attempt, with a quick and violent shot at a shooter to take his bullets away, and then tracked faster to take his deke
Maybe this season the shooters will come up with a way to defeat Garon's sneak attack and tactical retreat.
Maybe something will shake the confidence and technology of galon.
Jason Robertson.
A healthy university student and researcher in Kinesiology
It is called "Doogie2K" on a powerful copper sphere"
He has his own blog and interesting posts in this shoot. out issue.
Robertson wants to know if it is possible to predict how oil traders will be in a shootout this year.
He first admitted that it was difficult to predict such a thing.
"I . . . . . . Interested to know what a team will do in a shootout, even if the small sample size and the psychological nature of the shootout create serious cramps in any reasonably scientific prediction method.
Really, even if you do a statistical analysis in the first three years of the NHL shootout, you won't pick out many trends, except that the stars are great for them, so take everything down with a thick grain of salt.
Robertson continues to use methods designed by national intelligence chief Tyler Dalo to predict the success of the shootout.
After running the data, Robertson concluded that in this regard, oil will perform well next season, winning more times than not, possibly more than 62 times.
The gun battle, compiled a similar 9-5 record.
Let's take a closer look at this logic. . .
Gallon and Dwayne Rosen are in the league-
Leading saving percentage.
There were 826 gun battles last year.
Garon's deposit rate is amazing.
938, which means that he saved a higher percentage of shots in the shootout, and when the shooter was alone, they wanted more time than he was in the game, when the shooter was under pressure, shooting from all over the place.
Kyrie price in Montreal is the percentage savings for the next best gunfight. 818.
Is it impossible for Garon to replicate this magic?
But Robertson pointed out that Gallon's career shot record was 82 points, allowing only 12 goals in 66 shots.
18 NHL goalkeepers including Dwayne Roloson (. 730)
Better than.
The percentage of gun battles saved by 700.
% Saved in.
For Garon, the 700 range seems to be the most reasonable option this year.
Last year, Garon stopped 30 shots in 32 shots.
If he faces the same number of shots this year, he can score another seven goals but still not. 700 mark.
But, of course, the opposition's seven goals will mean a 7-point reduction in oil dealers, which is a serious obstacle for any team with a playoff desire.
The oil shooter is also part of whether the team will continue to succeed in the gunfight, where the team does not need to perform in Zidane --
Like height in order to keep success.
The oil company scored 36 points.
9 shots in the shootout, 11 in the league is good, not bad at all, but not like the League to reach 50 points
Leading Carolina
If the Gunners bury half of the gunfight, the argument of luck is even more troublesome.
This is Robertson's prediction.
Using Dellow forumla-
Oil will win more than 60 in their shootout, which seems like a safe life.
* Project: Don't hate him for going to Edmonton Chris prongle because prongle, he'll be standing with his stupid Edmonton again --
But I suggest fans take a closer look at his comments when they are angry.
In an interview with Curtis zopuk of the Orange National Register, plonger was asked, "Is there a team you can't stand ? " Plongel replied, "You want to vomit when I see their players, there are quite a few players in the league . . . . . . There are a lot of cities you want to get in and out.
Edmonton is one of them.
"So Pronger likes to get in and out of Edmonton, the sooner the better.
Of course he will.
This review is hardly a shot in the city, more of a simple statement of what is obvious.
Plongel is uncomfortable here because oil fans tend to look at this guy in an unflattering light, not an untouchable hockey hero, but as a flawed person who does not perform well in business transactions and public relations.
As a result, when he is on the street in Edmonton, it is possible for Pronger to meet a child wearing "I bring Chris Pronger" t-shirt (
Seen at an oil company. Ducks game).
Or someone might yell at him, "Chris, why are you spreading unproven stories about oil lovers burning your child's crib, which is totally bullshit.
Or: "When you leave, why don't you clear up the air and tell the fans of the oil dealer why do you want to go out? As time goes on and the Oilers rebuild the team, these issues are not big for the Oilers fans.
Apparently, however, they are still in the mind of plongel.
Of course, it will never be too late for him to clean up the air.
* Project: When we made our young couple fall in love for the last time, Mike Curry because it was el-cheapo-de-
When it comes to his girl, multiple companions
Millionaire Hillary Duff
It must be true, at least according to the state Inquirer.
News flash: it was found that Duff was wearing a beautiful necklace, so it was likely that everything was right around the world, at least before there were some new problems in the tabloids.
* Project: in the greatest hockey legend, the beards of the great game Joe Pelletier have an interesting story, the top ten beards in hockey history.
Is Charlie Hardy on the list that you have to check to find out?
If you can't guess who the first one is on the list, then you can no longer call yourself a Calgary Flame.
If you like this story, here's a link to the best beard in baseball.
Of course, when it comes to beards, no one is doing better than Lori's fingers, which makes me feel bad for others.
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