asda takes on high street jewellers - earring and necklace sets cheap

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-11
asda takes on high street jewellers  -  earring and necklace sets cheap
Shoppers who are used to buying TV and designer jeans and fruits and vegetables at low prices can now look forward to a sparkling new line as Asda also plans to trade in high street jewelry.
It has started selling top products. of-the-
A collection of diamond engagement rings worth £ 49.
A sterling silver and diamond necklace will only reverse the customer's shopping experience by £ 12.
Supermarket chain under American cutPrice giant Wal-Mart
A year ago, Wal-Mart began selling jewelry in 10 stores.
The pilot program was very successful, with 107 of the company's 260 stores being launched.
It also sells brand-name watches from companies such as DKNY and Timberland at low prices, which are purchased in the gray market.
According to market analyst Mintel, jewelry is now the fastest --
Retail growth.
Between 1995 and 2001, sales rose to 3 per year.
But some veteran jewelers are obviously cunning.
A spokeswoman for Cartier said: "Their success reflects a huge trend in the current market.
Asda will use low
Good quality gold and cheap diamonds, but the high end of our sale of good quality real jewelry is also very active.
"At the Wembley store in Asda, the jewelry section is placed in the middle of the George costume collection, but it is easy to see from the meat counter.
Ivelana Sveteva, a cleaner in her 20 s, specially bought a pair of cubic zirconium earrings for the party for £ 10.
"I love it here because you can find everything: boots, jewelry, food.
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