auckland jewellers create original and beautiful designs - ring and necklace set

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auckland jewellers create original and beautiful designs  -  ring and necklace set
From: royal jewelry studio, Kingsland, ph (09)
846 0200 the well-crafted romantic jewelry by Jasmine Watson appears in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Nanya Chronicles: Lions, witches and wardrobes.
Watson enjoyed the freedom to create these fantasy films, especially the Lord of the Rings.
"If I had to choose one of my favorite, it would be Arwen's butterfly headdress (
The role of Liv Taylor)
The last act of returning from the King.
The complex design is based on the interweaving of butterfly wings.
Watson mixes the film work with the royal jewellery studio's collection to draw inspiration from Indian jewelry, Asian textiles and wood carvings.
She often works with rose gold.
It is common in many antiques, but it is rarely used by contemporary jewelers.
"I like to use natural forms such as flowers and plants, as well as a combination of unusual exotic materials such as coral, Emerald and kingfisher feathers.
I also appreciate the elegance and craftsmanship of Japanese and Chinese metal products.
"Describe the first piece of jewelry you received?
I'm a hippie kid so when I was a baby I had a lot of Indian bracelets and mom put them on my two wrists.
I wore them all the time until I was around 7 and they were so small that I had to barely take them off.
When I was a child, I also wore earholes and two silver chains from India.
Have you ever lost jewelry of emotional value?
I lost the turquoise earrings my mom bought back from Afghanistan.
When I was about 3 years old and while I was playing on the floor she asked me to look at them and I somehow managed to push them between the floors and couldn't find them anymore.
Do you have your favorite personal jewelry?
I bought an antique ring in London.
It is 22 karat gold, it is a small round flower, and the petal layer is very thin --
Very sweet.
* Jeweler: Matt Rolinson from: Ponsonby, Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, ph (09)
360 1332 17 years ago, Matt Rawlinson and his father Kevin began making jewelry in Bijoux.
His father last year.
After retiring, Matt moved to a new place, though still on pangolin Road.
"As the son of a jeweler, when I was a toddler, I started threading beads and took mine from the crafts store when I was 11
"For years, Rolinson has been commissioned to produce works for television, including Hercules, Xena and Power Rangers, as well as fashion shows at New Zealand Fashion Week.
"There is a story behind every piece of jewelry, and every piece of Bijoux is made out of love for making.
I love my job and get great satisfaction from my job.
"Rolinson is attracted by local jewellery styles from all over the world, and he also admires the craftsmanship of antiques.
"These antiques require meticulous work, which takes time and precision and years of experience.
"Do you have any special skills?
I have done a lot of engagement and wedding rings and I love it because I am honored to be asked to make works that are so important to someone.
Jewelry can carry a lot of emotional value, and I am fortunate enough to work with clients to make some very special jewelry, from turning old pieces of real estate into new contemporary items, to make a special silver token box to hold the first tooth of a hair or baby.
Have anyone bought your jewelry?
Bono from U2 came in and bought a few pieces and Bill Clinton bought an arm
He bought some works for his daughter Chelsea and Greg Johnson as well as other musicians and actors.
Catherine from Hi5 is wearing my koru braceletwhich my 7-year-
The old daughter feels great.
* Jeweler: Catherine Clifford from: jeweler Gallery, 883 Eden Road, Mount ph. Eden (09)
630 4582 Catherine Clifford, more than 20 years ago, became interested in fine jewelry when making Pearl Stringer in SJ Phillips, London, where the Queen was one of the customers.
"I have dealt with the Faberge box, the crown jewels of Russia and the Royal Collection.
This experience gave me a taste of jewelry, which had a great impact on me.
"In Australia, she honed her skills to work at Pearl and repaired antiques for antique dealers.
She returned to New Zealand in 1988 and then worked with another jeweler, Robert Stell.
The couple opened a jewelry store three years ago.
Their loyal clients include celebrity faces on TV, though Clifford is too cautious to name.
"I have been in this industry for 24 years and have known many celebrities, but it is not possible to mention them.
"What would it be if you could do any jewelry you wanted?
Currently, I'm making a brooch featuring a swan, a piece I 've been wanting to do for a while.
It is 18 k gold and the body of the Swan is a pigeon-gray pearl.
It will have diamond details and the Swan will carry the diamond briolette (
(Diamond Tears).
It will be on display in our gallery later this year.
Describe the first piece of jewelry you received?
A red plastic butterfly brooch with Sparks in its wings. I was 5.
Very beautiful for me.
Have you ever lost or damaged jewelry of emotional value?
I got the red plastic butterfly brooch and broke it in a few minutes.
What is the most interesting piece of jewelry you were asked to make?
We designed and made a very beautiful lot.
Colorful sapphire and diamond rings in platinum.
It took 80 hours of labor plus weeks to find the right shade for purple
Blue center stone
It is very interesting from a technical point of view because we have never done such a thing before and I have never seen anything like that.
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