'beau sancy' diamond up for sale - ruby necklace set

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\'beau sancy\' diamond up for sale  -  ruby necklace set
On May 10, 2012, a model presented Bo Sansi diamond at Sotheby's auction in Geneva. The 35-carat pear-
One of the world's most famous gems, the shape diamond Mary de Medici worn when crowned in 1610 will be auctioned in Geneva on May 15, 2012.
The diamond has spread among the royal families of France, Britain, Prussia and the Netherlands, witnessing the history of Europe in 400. The stone --
Between $4 million and $ are expected (
1. EUR 5 to 3 million)--
Get its name from diamond collector Nicholas Harley de Sansi, who bought it in the present Islamabad at the end of the 16 th century.
AFP/fabreys COFFRINI picture.
AfpSource: sparkling AFPTHE 35-carat " Bo sansey
Diamonds witness the royal history of Europe in 400.
Now, the jewelry is passed down by the royal family of France, Britain, the Netherlands and Prussia, and it may leave its noble past when it is auctioned in Geneva next week.
For many days in the city, the gem was auctioned as one of three million-dollar sales items, including the jewels of the Queen, movie stars and billionaires.
David Bennett of Sotheby's said: "Bo Sansi is one of the most fascinating and romantic gems of all time, and he estimates it to be worth $2 million$4 million.
"One of the clients I showed it was moved to tears by it," he said . ". The pear-
The royal contact of the diamond can be traced back to before 1604, at the insistence of his wife, Mary de medic, it was bought to Henry IV of France, who was crowned
Later that century, it was acquired by the Dutch and used to seal the wedding of William II of Orange Nassau to Mary Stewart, the daughter of Charles I of England.
Stuart was a rose.
In order to fund her brother Charles II for the throne, the gem was cut.
In 1702, the first King of Prussia had a place in the new royal family. until today, it has passed through several generations of Prussian families.
"The diamond we sell is a lot bigger, but it has a wonderful romantic history, an unparalleled royal history --
It has never been in Africa.
"The Royal hand," said Mr. Bennett.
As part of Sotheby's auction of "magnificent jewelry and noble Jewelry", Bo Sansi will dismount on May 15, which also features a long-standing yellow diamond, once Charles ·
The time disguise of the throne of power in Britain and Ireland.
More often than not, "Prince Bonnie Charlie," his attempt to get Stuart back to the throne failed, after the Battle of karloden in 1745, he was seen in exile in France and Italy as offering seven. 3-
Carat gems thanked the Corsini family for their support.
The estimated value is $300,000 to $500,000.
Meanwhile, billionaire philanthropist Lily Safra's 70 jewellery collections are expected to raise more than $20 million for charity at Christie's auction in May 14. Brazil-
Savora, 77, married Jews
Lebanese banker Edmund Safra was killed in his Monte Carlo fire
Top floor apartment Carlo in 1999.
Elton John AIDS Foundation is a water treatment project in Brazil, and the children's hospital in Israel is one of 20 charities that benefit from gem sales, many of them were specially designed by the famous Paris jeweler JAR for Safra. A ruby-
The inlaid camelia brooch is expected to cost as much as $1.
5 million and a pair of pears-shaped, 19-
The carat diamond ear clip is worth about $5 million.
On May 16, Christie's will hold a "sparkling jewelry" auction, with Mexican actress Maria Felix collecting a string of necklaces (1914-2002)
There is also a diamond that has been rejected by Hollywood stars and jewelry Queen Elizabeth Taylor. The 23. 6-carat brown-
According to Christie, when the couple was in Africa in 1975, Richard Burton provided Taylor with orange stones.
Taylor is said to have rejected the glittering gift, arguing that the money should be spent on building hospitals in Botswana.
The price of gem is expected to be between $600,000 and $800,000.
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