beauty bar: bite beauty prismatic pearl creme lip gloss - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-07
beauty bar: bite beauty prismatic pearl creme lip gloss  -  pearl set in gold
Collection of six new metals
Pearl Lip Gloss joins the company's best-selling gold cream lip gloss.
"The founder of BITE, Susanne langle, was inspired by a trip to Tahiti Island, in more than six
According to a press release, she found the size shadow in a rare Black Pearl. ".
The color of the series is from peach red (Pink Pearl)
Rainbow color of dark purple (Peacock Pearl).
Each color is made with natural food.
Premium ingredients such as fruit butter and grease moisturize the lips.
Pearl tones can be worn separately or applied on lipstick for a hint of gloss.
"Apply to the center of the lips, on any entertaining shade for subtle holographic highlights, or glide across the entire lips for a complete effect --
"In terms of the prism effect," suggested Janice Daude, a global beauty makeup artist.
It does not contain parab Gold, sulfuric acid ester, petrochemical products and neighboring benzene ester.
Moving on mattes, there are some new colors in town.
Our tester is a big supporter of the matte movement, and he's on these supershiny glosses.
But after sweeping a few times with the applicator wand, her fears subsided.
These colors continue surprisingly, with lots of fine flashes.
While they will undoubtedly bring a spark to your mouth, it is easy to dilute the flash by layering on another shade or smoothing a small piece around your lips for a slight finish.
Our favorite shades of tea cups are champagne pearls with a slightly bronze color and beautiful purple --
Oyster Pearl Pink.
In the end, we totally fell in love with disco-
These glossy ball appeal is found on the lips. Sephora;
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