ben 'value bet' linfoot reveals all from willie mullins' stables - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
ben \'value bet\' linfoot reveals all from willie mullins\' stables  -  pearl set in gold
Today's situation in Willie Mullins's yard is very different from when he won King George in 2001 for the first and last time with the Florida Pearl.
In fact, give it up.
The situation in Willie Mullins's yard today is very different.
Usually, when the media come together to visit the leading stables, you can judge who is visiting the yard by who takes pictures with your mobile phone.
But today, Willie Mullins is taking pictures with his cell phone in Willie Mullins's yard.
I don't think it's every day that Paul townd is wearing Santa's clothes and riding 20-First grade of the times-
The winner dressed as Rudolf
But even though his sledge
Bell headdress, Hurricane Fly is still the undisputed king of Galapagos, Calo County.
For a world-
Record Holder, who began to work alone on a fresh grass, every time he was sent to do a job, he was stepped on by his stable.
"It always works with him, so we'll see if it continues to work," Mullins said . ".
The Hurricane Fly will be on his top 21.
This Christmas has had some success in Leopold town, but the task has hardly been overlooked because all the hurdler speeches about Finn came for Williams Hill.
Christmas barrier on Boxing Day.
Mulligan made a short mention of the situation, which gently reminded people of the current ranking order while trying to curb expectations for new children in the neighborhood.
"I'm not sure if I agree with these prices," he said of the Champions hurdles Market (
Hurricane Fly 2/1, fly 14/1).
"Let's say, I don't think there will be any trouble with Hurricane flies hitting the horses Finn has hit.
"However, it is difficult for a horse like Finn to suppress enthusiasm.
You can say that he is an average point pointing to the pointer, and you can say that he runs a longer distance as a novice to avoid the "apple of my eyes "(
Vautour-"He's still there, he's a painting of horses to see ")
You can say that he has no pedigree for the hurdles champion.
But you can't argue with the 7-7 record, which is achieved in the way of a potential national hunt.
Despite his best efforts, Mullins could not hide his excitement.
"I am really worried that he will go to Ascot. can he win in his shape?
Ruby said he had never sat on such a fat horse in previous games.
So if he can do that in this case, there must be a lot of room for improvement for the rest of the season.
"However, when it comes to the new one, strange reactions have been triggered from Mullins.
"I did not see (The New One’s)
He said he did his best to impress Wenger.
"I hate watching replays.
I did not look.
I may have time.
When we meet in Cheltenham, there will be plenty of time to get to know all of this.
If we have met before, it seems unlikely.
Probably unlikely.
But what if the new one comes out in Kempton, Willie?
"We are going to Kempton no matter who is there, and we have to take responsibility.
This is our plan and we are very satisfied with it.
Nigel, give it to you.
You said you were not afraid . . . . . . But that's enough.
Suppose the new one stays in his box as planned.
So, who is the toughest opponent Faugheen has to face in December 26?
Mullins nominated Owen, Paul Nichols's fifth champion.
"We're going to Owen's home court," Mullins said . ". “A flat, right-
Handed track fits him well, but Faugheen is in good condition and he has to pass the exam.
"Faugheen will be one of the three or four horses to Kempton this Christmas.
Some unknown newbies can run at Sunbury grounds and they can run with "something in feltham.
However, hot champagne is a big problem.
Double, nearly three-
Time, the Cheltenham Festival Champion has 3/1 chance with the sponsor of King George VI Chase of William Hill.
Remember, when things are different, it's the game Mullins had previously won with the Florida Pearl.
They were different at the time.
Mullins has been training for 13 years, but he has not enjoyed the success he has become accustomed to these days.
The Pearl of Florida is a breakthrough horse.
He graduated from winning the Champion Bumper like Champagne Fever and won the 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2004 refills of Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup, 2001 John Durkan 2002 Heineken Cup and King George.
Mullins recalled the horse affectionately.
He said: "I know when we are the Pearl of Florida (
The first time, when the second time)
We walked past with great enthusiasm and thought we would be very close.
We have learned some valuable lessons there that we can use over the next year.
"I went there for the first time with the Florida Pearl because he did more as a novice.
Every time we ask him, as a newbie, he wins RSA and he wins Durkan.
Considering he's 3/1 seconds.
Most popular is the low confidence of Champagne Fever.
Mullins was cautious about his lack of experience on the fence or even during the year.
But even though he never ran more than two miles and a half, he was not bothered at all by the worst endurance test he faced.
"From the point of view of his pedigree, Everything shows that he wants three plus," Mullins said . ".
"Last year, because he won the Super newbie, we said we would go to two-
The mile chase, except for the last quarter of Cheltenham, seems to work.
"We may have made a mistake, riding him for two miles as we did last year, even though it was almost gone. Three-
Mile novice chase is a hard job and maybe it's good for his career and that's what we hope anyway.
"I was surprised to win the highest honor and we were happy with his performance in Cheltenham (in the Arkle)
He just got hit on that line.
But we have been looking at his lineage and think he should not do so.
You can see it in two ways.
You can say we should have gone on a longer trip last year, but we will only know the answer in two or three years.
"If he's a very successful three
We may say that this is because we are very tolerant of him as a newbie.
"We are very picky about King George, but it may be the right thing to do for the rest of his career.
If we are lucky, he may become a hot spot in the golden cup and we will go there with a hot opportunity.
If not, we will come back and try to approach the Gold Cup from a different angle.
"As for his re-match victory at Clone Mel, there he did almost everything and the tactics were good.
He had to do a good job and won the Karen Mel oil Chase to think of him (lack of)
Fitness and tactics, well, it depends on Ruby (
As if he 'd be somewhere else besides Kempton. )
"We didn't imagine success in cloning Mel, but we didn't have any choice when he went to the front line, bold and excellent.
I don't think we are as healthy as he is and not in Kempton.
I am glad that he has made progress in the summer, there is no problem with this trip, he is leaving.
"We will have to accept it (tactics).
I gave it to Ruby.
Usually in the UK, your speed will be faster and he can do it himself if you don't, and we are not afraid to do it.
I don't think we will force it to travel longer.
"With these, Mullins took a picture with champagne heat and Finn, and only two of the star stars that came out of the yard looked to illuminate the festival schedule on both sides of the Irish Sea.
There's nothing different about some things.
In any case, not in the foreseeable future.
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