beyond the perfect strand: the modern way to wear pearls - sterling silver necklace and earring sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-30
beyond the perfect strand: the modern way to wear pearls  -  sterling silver necklace and earring sets
There was a time when I hated my birthday on June, so my raw stone was Pearl.
The reason for this can only be because I lack imagination myself, because oh, how The Times and tastes change.
Today, pearls are one of my favorite gems, and I 've always been surprised by what designers can do with them. The fast-
Rhythm modern jewelry scenes are filled with designers who use basically the growth that is formed inside the software-albeit very beautiful. Greek-
French jeweler Melanie georgaopoulos sliced diced ingredients
Pearl necklace with lavender string and thick gold chain
Color Fresh Water version, while Japan-
American brand Waterwood uses Tahiti and freshwater pearls in the most low-key way-usually piercing a pearl with a sharp gold ring as a cuff.
Anissa Kermiche balanced the pearls on the golden circle like a magician's trick, while the Jemma Wynne team was white or gray pearls --covered (
Outer skin of Pearl)
A sphere of white diamonds with black gold, forming a delicate graphic contrast.
It's worth mentioning the new London-
Based on the brand Ora pearls, it is inlaid with fresh water pearls in pure silver or filled gold to keep them affordable-a smart way to make this precious natural product more wearable.
And then there's real avant-garde
Fashion Pearl lovers.
The pair of pearl earrings currently on display at Christie's let me throw myself on the glass behind them.
Designed by Mumbai master Viren bagart, they feature the glow of tiny natural pearls from the Diamond base-the word refined does not cut it off. Uber-GENEVA-private
Create a-based on Nadia Morgenthaler-
Usually contains fragments of pearl beads
Metal pins, in a beautiful contrast to the red and purple tones of the spindle.
But if anyone has the right to seriously celebrate the Pearl month, it is Mikimoto, a traditional Japanese brand that can, for granted, claim to have invented this cultured pearl.
Today, mikimoto offers more than just the perfect lines-its creations range from the smallest single pearl earrings to the most fanciful premium jewellery pieces that can double as wearable art pieces-like pleats covering the entire torso silk, or dive from shoulder to hip like a belt.
Throughout June, the brand will be celebrating at Bond Street and Harrods boutiques as well as online-meaning all of your June babies have plenty of opportunities to give tips.
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