bling-a-ling: it’s christmas time in the city - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-09
bling-a-ling: it’s christmas time in the city  -  the jewelry store
Tiffany's jewelry has something.
This makes a person's spine tremble.
Recently, Tiffany's good people have shown the media several of their favorite works, which is of course true.
Tiffany's store in Calgary (
Located in the center of Chinook)
Here are some memorable diamonds, some worth about millions of dollars.
But it also shows dozens of reasonably priced gifts and jewelry, including Christmas decorations this year.
You can find decorations such as elegant porcelain pears, sterling silver snowflakes and crystal snowman, some of which, such as pears, start at around $55.
Savvy Sarah Geddes from Sass Communications gathered Calgary media delegates to present the works and presented them to new director Elizabeth herebland at the Calgary store and Robert W ·
Ferguson recently told the Herald that the opening of 2011 of the Calgary store was a success.
"Calgary is definitely our good friend," Ferguson said . "(
To read more from this interview, click here for a full story about luxury gifts. )
If you buy a Tiffany gift for a special person (or yourself ? )
You can feel good too.
Tiffany launched a website this year documenting its practices in sustainability and corporate responsibility.
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