café at ncpa, a one act play - times of india - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
café at ncpa, a one act play - times of india  -  red necklace set
Drama character Urvashi Thacker: this lively and amiable character has mastered not only the art and science of bonsai, but also the art and science of cooking.
She's at Jamnabhai Narsee School (
Her family owns)
And host national and international bonsai workshops, and now her book on the subject will break all records.
Sameena Khan: The white vision not only designed the striking red necklace she wore, but also designed the accessories collection of her husband Azeem.
Sameena, from the Royal Nawabi family, is also a microcosm of food taste.
She has been a friend of Urvashi for more than 20 years (
When she bought the first bonsai from her).
Azeem Khan: the well-dressed designer is the third generation designer of fashion and embroidery.
The couple's work continues to dazzle Mumbai, Europe, Singapore and Dubai. Rus. . .
Narrator :. . . . . . A shadow lurking around, eating, speaking, taking notes and taking pictures.
Sometimes four appear at the same time.
Farokh Khambatta: brilliant ownerschef (
Fame of Joss and Amadeus)
Stay in the background but continue to feed the actors with comfortable food.
Scene 1 setting: Two-month-
The old cafe in NCPA, Nariman corner, is tree-lined and lush.
Quiet atmosphere under the sky.
Umbrella, open kitchen. It’s packed.
Two nights, the narrator was seen having dinner.
Sunil Sheth, London lawyer)
Under the Stars
Chorus: It's the tandoori kebab, whether it's melting in the mouth of Kakori, or the spiced Pahadi chicken, or the well-made fish Tikka.
Sadly, the special menu of Parsi fare (
Chicken salad)
Not so good, the dimples also have thick skin.
Sausage dog with onion flavor.
Same for dessert.
Scene 2: Cafe of NCPA.
It was a cool and sunny afternoon.
Here you can see sparkling women like Esther Daswani and Jamini Alhuwalia eating. It’s housefull.
Urvashi Thacker: I like to sit in so many plants if they can improve the landscape.
Here are sandwiches, burgers, snacks, kebabs, smoothies.
Sameena and Azeem Khan: this is this glorious grilled Brie at the top of a magical nut that works for us.
Chorus: Khowsuey's silk-like smooth and delicious coconut curry, creaked with all the decorations, is the star of the show.
Parsi fare continues to be disappointing, but the sandwiches and mini meals are full and tasty (
Recommended Sesame fish and jacket potatoes).
Chocolate pie and Philadelphia cheesecake.
There are many vegetables.
Last episode: great location with few open air cafes in Mumbai.
Open all day. No alcohol. Valet parking.
Don't look for food, it offers comfortable food at a more comfortable price (Rs 500 per head).
All over the house, is there anything strange about this? Exit. Encore.
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