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careful shopper  -  pearl gold necklace sets
Jenny Claire Ferron
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Pleasantville Shop brings a new look to the movie
The video center in pleasant ville opened 42 years ago, long before the invention or popularity of most of its current families --
Video cameras, tape recorders, tapes and cassette tapes
Screen color TV set for AM/FM or stereo cassette, stereo equipment, answering machine, microwave, portable AM/FM stereo cassette radio and headphone radio.
The regular charge for this store is lower than the suggested price, and the price of regular specials is lower.
The store offers a long-term guarantee to match the price of any county within 30 days of purchase.
Recent advances in technology have made it possible for a project to be-
Mm or 16-
Mm home movies, or color slides, photos or negatives, can then be displayed on the TV using a video recorder (either in VHS format or in Betamax format.
This eliminates the problem of film screening.
Positioning the screen, the constant change of the projector reel, or from the regular 8-
Mm to Super 8
According to the year of film production, mm-grade parts.
Once certain decisions have been made, the transfer process may take only one week: save the color and the quality of the tape that bears the rewinding;
The order of the reels;
Number of titles to be added;
Music or other sound effects, as well as fading, wiping or dissolving that will bring a professional look to families accustomed to complex technologies.
Colors can be enhanced during this process, and for slides, time can be selected to shorten or longer comments before the next scene appears.
The cost of advertising video camera tapes varies from $5 to $11, and tapes can be provided by customers or cousins.
The basic cost of transferring the film to the tape is 8 cents per foot, be it Super 8, 8-
Film in mm or 16mm, $1 per joint, $2.
50 titles each. Seven-
Inch film reels hold 400 feet tape, five-
Inch reels 200 feet and three
Inch reel 50 feet.
Because each type of movie has a different speed, the store can help decide when the sequence fits the cassette.
The larger reels of advertising save transfer time and labor, as do the preview and numbering of the film section.
Transferring a film to a tape also allows a family movie to be combined with other family movies, such as distant relatives, might make a better memoir for everyone.
A copy costing $10 allows each home to share the results, and the cost is the same whether Betamax or VHS copies are required.
Transfer to videotape 35-
Millimeters or 126-
Mm slides, photos or negatives for a minimum charge of $19.
95, including 80 frames, 25 cents per frame.
When more than 1,000 slides are involved, the price per slide is lower.
Music choices can evoke times, places, nationalities, or holidays that match screen events.
The sound effect of the plane taking off, the train track clicking or the sound of the whistle is available, as are the sounds of babies, children, waterfalls, carnivals or applause. The lowest-
The price of Cousins is $267, and some are $600.
These are machines that can watch movies on the TV at home.
Portable VCR devices range from $600 to $1,300, and higher-cost models allow for high
Stereo and/or stereo.
A camcorder, a shoulder camera, and a VCR cost $1,299.
It allows the recording of a scene and the playback of pictures and sounds instantly. Cousins Audio-
Video from pleasant ville Inc.
Located at 76 Washington Avenue, pleasant Ville (
From sawn Mill River Park Road, walk a block down Grant Avenue exit, turn left at the first light to the cinema, then turn left to Washington Avenue).
The cousins are open until Christmas from 9 in the morning. M. to 8 P. M.
Monday to Friday until 5. M.
Saturday and noon. M. Sundays.
It will be closed on Sunday after Christmas and open from Saturday, Thursday to 8 in the evening. M.
A few days until 5: 30M.
Accept MasterCard, Visa and checks with driver's license logo.
The phone is 769-2200.
The warehouse sale of clothing jewelry Joelian is a Mamaroneck wholesaler of clothing jewelry, manufactured on site using semi-precious stones and natural materials.
The company's first warehouse sales on Saturday and next Sunday, starting at 10. M. to 5 P. M.
Production line and 1985 samples will be used
Earrings, bracelets and necklaces at wholesale prices or less.
All sales are cash and there can be no return.
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Semi-Precious parts
These numbers are small.
Onyx Stone, durian, agate, coral, purple crystal, crystal and rose quartz with ivory and horns as natural materials;
Limestone and soap stone; mother-of-
Shells such as pearls, abalone, oysters and clams;
Wood and coconut, snake skin and Tiger coral.
Acrylic beads, cut glass and artificial ivory are used to reduce the weight of jewelry and can be combined with semi-precious stones and ivory.
An ivory and ebony necklace for $50, a mother necklaceof-
In a flat wide bracelet, the Pearl and black skull Plaid inlay effect costs $12. An all-
White, V-inlaid bracelet
The shape sells for $20.
The artificial ivory on the bracelet is $12.
50, necklaces of the same material can be up to $41.
The Olivewood bracelet costs $2 to $3;
Polished and inlaid wooden bracelets or hammer brass for $5;
A hand-painted lightweight Indian wood bracelet costs $6. 50, and an all-
The price of a bone bracelet or mixed metal is $12.
Long circle and surround necklace with Czech crystal and acrylic resin.
A color red and jet Crystal 99 inch long, the retail price is usually $85, here is $39, about 25 cents per inch.
The matching earrings are extra.
Blue glass and black plastic in 88
The inch loop costs $22 and there are shorter versions and some all-black versions on the display.
Some shell earrings are $3.
$50 and artificial pearl necklace;
Slim bracelet made of silver, gold, copper, designed to be worn in many forms
$24 per box. 50.
Glass and acrylic bead chain with Lalique-
The price of pastel flowers is $9 to $11.
The length of most necklaces can be adjusted.
Snake skin for all kinds of items
Earrings, beads, sometimes mixed with acrylic beads in black or white.
Artificial Pearl single-
Strand choker can be bought for $18, double longer
The price for Strand and day is $20
Necklace length-
About 23 inch-are $23.
The artificial Pearl can be $27 for guest advertisements. 50 in a four-
Chain collar and guest string earrings for $ month;
The guest string on a pin is $5. 50 -
Similar designs include artificial turtle shells. A three-
Chain necklace with artificial turtle shell and gold-
Plated rondels costs $18. 50.
Mother Pearl's favorite catalogueof-
The Pearl is wrapped around six strands of rose quartz, which costs $75 instead of the original $175.
With earrings, bracelets, necklaces, Tiger coral, Apple coral and red coral.
Diamond earrings cost between $3 and $20. One extra-long, raj-
There is a tassel pendant that can be removed from Look neckwear.
Most of the gold used is plated and can be mixed with a glass stone that simulates the toparstone, the purple crystal or the sapphire;
Some necklace and bracelet versions add fake ancient coins in silver and gold finishes.
Other components are black rubber rings from automotic-
Paper Shop-
Mache, the original look of coconut wood Ivory, hand-painted birds, fish and fruits with tropical effects.
Joelian is located at 612 Waverly Avenue, Mamaroneck (
From Mamaroneck Avenue to the west of the railway track near the train station, turn south to Hoyt Avenue, turn right to Fenimore Road, and turn left to Waverly Avenue at the American bistro. ).
The phone is 698-6240.
A version of this article appears on page WC11 of the national edition of December 15, 1985 with the title: Be careful shopping.
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