'cash-for-gold' outlets vary by up to 60pc in prices they offer for valuables - gold jewellery set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-18
\'cash-for-gold\' outlets vary by up to 60pc in prices they offer for valuables  -  gold jewellery set
The Independent of Ireland found that consumers trying to raise cash by selling gold beads face huge price differences between stores.
The amount of cash you will get from gold may change between two outlets by up to 60 PCs.
The worst price offered comes from a cash transaction by Naas Co Kildare, which only offers a gold ring of 64 euros ---
Less than half of the 140 euros quoted by most other outlets, less than the euro of its actual value.
When we objected to the price being too low, the sales assistant quickly agreed to raise it to a final offer of 82 euros.
The same Naas outlet can buy 9 for only 200 euros
In comparison, the value of the carat chain's transactions at most other points of sale is about 280 euros and the transaction value is 411 euros.
Gold prices have been at their highest level in history this year, leading to dozensfor-
Set up sales of gold all over the country.
We took two pieces of jewelry for sale as scrap gold. -
And let don mcmanas, the jewel dealer of Dun laugil, conduct an "acid test" on their carat"level --
And attach importance to them accordingly.
Standard Curson scrap.
The price of gold for the day was 411 euros, and if sold to a gold dealer, the ring would be 204 euros, he said.
However, traders usually discount 30 PCs, bringing customers a purchase price of 288 euros and 143 euros. 25-discount30pc --
Increase in the price of traders--
Mr. McManus said that in Ireland and the UK, the cost of processing and insurance is high and the profit margin is reasonable.
"Obviously the prices will be different, but if the prices of these goods are far below 280 euros or 140 euros, it is to make a profit," he said . ".
However, Mr. McManus noted that the customer should also be aware that if an item is sold to a jeweler as a piece of jewelry, rather than as scrap gold, it may get a better price.
"Grandma's old ring is a typical example.
It may have some missing stones that look bad in shape.
But if there is really a diamond in it, it's also valuable and you don't want to miss it (that)," he said.
The highest price in our survey is on the website.
Ie offers 313 euros for chain stores and 155 euros for rings-
Although you have to send the item to their Co Carlow office at a registration fee of 9 euros.
Get a clear quote
Navan's recycled gold only offers a ring of 95 euros and a chain of 226 euros.
The Irish gold exchange at tarragut Square offers a 90 euro ring and a 240 euro chain and tells us that we are "robbing" when we protest that we have a better offer elsewhere"
In general, jewellers and pawnshops tend to offer the best prices, but they get a match for some cash --for-gold outlets.
All valuations are carried out on the basis of on-the-spot inspections and trade-offs of jewellery.
There are signs in most stores that people need ID cards to complete the deal because of concerns that a prosperous trade would encourage theft.
Pawn items are also an option if you want a short one
You can choose to retrieve the regular loan for jewelry later--
Breretons charge an advance payment of 2 pcs per month, which is about 30 PCs lower than the purchase price, plus a transaction fee of 3 euros.
50 to 5 euros per piece.
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