catch their eye!--great audition looks! - big jewelry

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catch their eye!--great audition looks!  -  big jewelry
Choosing what to wear to audition is like a nerve.
Very nervous during trial operation!
Have a good time, but remember that you are impressed from the moment you enter the door.
"How you approach the way you dress is how you approach your work," says Tim Yeager, a ballet master at Nashville Ballet . ".
"It's important to be neat," Yeager said when in doubt . ".
Sabra Lewis of Chitti bunbang pursues cleanliness, simplicity and polishing.
"I'm wearing bright colors --
Color top, black jazz pants with heel.
"It's a cleaner look that makes my legs look longer," Lewis said . ".
It's a good idea to research the company or show that you're auditioning.
Please be prepared if you do not know what you will be asked to do.
Bring all your shoes and a few pieces of clothing.
You will have a big bag but you are ready.
Don't be angry if you show up and you're wearing it wrong.
The most important thing is your dance.
Lewis said: "When I was in a rocket Girl audition, I was wearing a ballet --cut leotard.
I don't have high heels.
I wear dance sneakers.
But I got the job!
"If your audition is in the shoot, dress for the lens.
"Everything on TV and movies is magnified," Lewis said . ".
"Don't wear big jewelry.
White clothes can wash you off.
The shirt with a lot of texture looks interesting.
"It's a good idea to stick to solid colors in any audition.
You will look perfect and you will not risk breaking your boundaries if you keep it simple.
Wearing standard uniforms in black leotard and tights for auditions is not the only way to look responsible.
"You can distinguish between dancers who have just come out of school and professionals looking for different jobs by the way dancers dress," Yeager said . ".
"You don't look like someone who just graduated from SAB, you can look professional.
"It's a good idea to test it in class before wearing a new item to audition.
You will understand the behavior of the fabric.
Comfort is important.
Leotard, who is gorgeous but does not do well, will distract.
Nobody wants to see you adjust the tape.
Pulling your clothes makes you look so self-conscious. conscious.
If you are injured, don't wear a large ace bandage or stand unless it is really necessary.
This makes auditors nervous!
You can avoid your nerves by planning your outfit in advance.
Make a list of what you need to bring, and you can have a relaxing night before the audition, not a stressful night.
Remember, you're auditioning too.
So have fun and treat it like any other class. (
A class where you look great! )
Here are the most popular audition samples for various dance styles (
Retail price they suggest).
The models we found were Arya crucher, Ellie II dancer, Julie Fiorenza, Alicia Lundgren, Vivian Nixon. Scott-
Garrell, Constance Stamatiou.
The photo was taken at the Joan will dance center, home to the Alvin Ellie American Dance Theatre.
Catch up with Eli II on the tour. Visit www. alvinailey.
Organize a complete schedule.
"Possion" V of 90 Bloch-
Cherry l74 27 front camelet leotard; $24.
DuraSoft nylon bare body running anti-foot tights 69 in Danskin; $9. 50.
Pict of Danka-
Shoes with 2 characters.
5 "heel of Tan CH56; $76. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Top with sharp neck sling of 33 Libert, pink 9936; $15. 95.
Dance clothing solution "the month of the city slot-
Pink AH1500 pocket hip-hop pants; $34. 95.
Leo's dance 'n Jam low
Top sports shoes in black 418; $58. 50. [
Slightly] Illustrations
8 purple 2685 Danskin twisted strap vest; $28.
Leo's Dancewear this black capris 15-19; $22. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Dancers from left to right: Alicia Lundgren, Vivian Nixon, Annika C. Scott-
Garrell, wait for the spoiler, Constance Stamatiou, Julie Fiorenza.
Special thanks to Sylvia Waters, artistic director of Ellie II, and Troy Powell, artistic director. [
Slightly] Illustrations
25-piece antique green P400 Premium Collection double camper/bodice; $27.
Mondor classic pink 51398 slim performance tights$10.
Canvas patchwork of Prima Soft
The only ballet slippers of European pink ballet 705; $21. [
Slightly] Illustrations
55 body parcels in France
Kiwi 8333 cut basic double-strap vest leotard; $29. 50.
Star-style black 3100 cotton Leka jazz pants; $45.
Stage T of Capezio-
Strap with black 900 heel 3; $144. [
Slightly] Illustrations
10 The Meryl/Leka cage of Mirera is equipped with leotard, and the Prussian blue m2 29l is used; $37.
50 Prima Soft ballet pink 102 tender Leka foot tights; $13.
Get rid of the classic pink SBTWB wing toe shoes in London; $80. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Retailer information: BLOCH www. blochworld.
Com body wrapping paper 800. 323. 0786 www. bodywrappers.
Com CAPEZIO 800. 533. 1887 www. capeziodance.
800 of dansking. 288. 6749 www. danskin.
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