celebrating 50 glittering years - womens gold jewellery sets

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-26
celebrating 50 glittering years  -  womens gold jewellery sets
The local jewelry brand toomei has gone a long way from its humble start 50 years ago, starting with the initial capital yuan, with only four employees.
Today, their most exquisite jewelry is many times more valuable than the original investment.
Domi United Bhd celebrates this golden milestone with the 50 th anniversary Golden Jubilee Oscar night at a World Hotel in Petaling Jaya.
This luxurious event is both a celebration of the company's achievements and a celebration of the company's founder, Tan Seri Wu Teke Fang.
Ng's son, toomei, integrated Datuk Ng Yih Pyng, managing director of Bhd Group, and thanked all business partners, customers and employees for bringing the company to where it is today.
"My father always reminds us that we must be diligent, frugal and pragmatic in pursuing our goals, and he has strongly taught us this.
"We will continue in his footsteps and make a positive contribution to the country and society," Pyh Pyng said . ". After a cake-
With the group's senior management and invited guests, the cutting ceremony and toast were held, and when Ng's descendants took to the stage to celebrate his 81 th birthday, another cake was taken out.
Guests enjoyed a Chinese dinner while watching the 2018 Tomei Grandeur series fashion show.
The event also saw the entertainment of Mongolian multimedia dancer Canion Shijirbat, who was the finalists of the second season of the Asian talent, and the Nordic folk music played by Leo Yamas and her accompaniment pianist, Mali nak.
The special guests attending the event included Transport Minister Anthony Locke, prime minister of industry Theresa Horn, Deputy Minister of Defense Liu chintong, special envoy to China's tanjiao foreign affairs, and Japanese ambassador to Malaysia Masayoshi Miyagawa, vietnamese ambassador to Malaysia Quinn.
As part of this year's tome 50 th anniversary celebration, customers will win big prizes in their gold driving competition.
Each time you purchase a Tomei product with a value of RM1, 000, the customer gets an entry in the sweepstakes where they will win a prize with a total amount of 1 million yuan.
The top awards are BMW X5 xDrive40e and two sets of Torme jewelry with value of yuan and 38 yuan respectively.
The grand draw will be held on next January.
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