chaumet est une fête: a celebration of parisian joie de vivre, via the world's greatest music venues - white gold necklace and earring set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-07-29
chaumet est une fête: a celebration of parisian joie de vivre, via the world\'s greatest music venues  -  white gold necklace and earring set
The world may not be in a particularly celebratory mood at the moment, but we can always rely on the world of premium jewelry to provide some glittering escapism.
Last month, Bulgari held a grand celebration in Venice to celebrate its Festa premium jewelry collection, with Chaumet launching its latest collection called Chaumet est une
The name is an endorsement of Ernest Hemingway's memoir Paris.
"Paris is a celebration", called a movable feast in English)
, It records the author's life in Paris in his 1920 s, but the city itself has no clear features in Chaumet's new collection.
Instead, the house looks like there are four iconic sites known for music and parties;
The audience will decorate their place with charming fine jewelry, most of which are commissioned by the Paris house.
In accordance with the practice of its premium jewellery products, Chaumet was inspired from its archives, and from 1907, a plaid brooch provided the basis for the anglaale Anglaise chapter;
Pay tribute to the greenborn Opera House and the garden.
Free use of emeralds from different origins-
Colombia and Zambia
Create subtle color nuances that remind people to pay attention to the different shades of green in the pastoral landscape.
At the same time, this plaid brooch is used as a removable, loose --
Tie a bow on the Hero necklace in the shooting range as a rolling fold for a picnic --
Embrace a blanket fabric of considerable emeralds in rings and earrings. More pared-
"Back" is a charming Viennese waltz with diamonds and pearls revolving around in a cool and beautiful jewelry dance.
The impressive sautoir necklace features large natural pearls reused from archival necklaces, a recognition of Chaumet's history as a pearl expert. Elsewhere pear-
Cut diamonds tremble from delicate spinning earrings and brooch-
Whether it's a bride or a debut, this is the perfect finish for a custom dress.
It's red to shake us from Vienna's trance.
Inspired by Milan Scala, the hot Aria Passionata series.
The fiery palette of rubies, rodolite wreaths and rubies represents the passion of Italy, especially-
Cut long stick-shaped stones in rolling rose gold ripples, suggesting the theater's heavy velvet curtains.
The other outstanding necklace has eight rubies, gold and pomegranate beads, decorated with a detachable floral brooch with juicy round gems for the most dazzling prima donna.
The fourth and last, the most wearable and refined: A Symphony of soft tones, their restrained elegance, an ode to the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
This suite again cites Chaumet's archival house code to see the loosely bundled diamond bow, done with the leaves of naturalism, each balancing precious or half
The gem is selected in its unique hue.
A necklace is topped with ochre, Golden emeralds, Topa, pink tourmaline, and Tanzanian stones-
Huedstones also appeared in mismatched earrings and three brooch with peachy Umba garlands and champagne diamonds dotted around their diamonds.
Four very different chapters, unified by themes of beauty, celebration, and fun of life.
There are many more things that each of us can do: whether in Paris, New York, London or beyond.
Harrods offers Chaumet est une f te exclusively; harrods. com,chaumet.
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