childhood fascination leads to a business built around pearls - pearl bridal jewellery

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childhood fascination leads to a business built around pearls  -  pearl bridal jewellery
When new Jin Pearl Sdn bhd's founder and designer Christina Toh was seven years old, her father, who was working at a Japanese company, received Akoya Pearl as a gift to her wife, Yew.
Although Christina was small, she immediately fell in love with the Pearl, which made her mother very happy.
From that moment on, Christina knew that the Pearl would be a permanent fixture in her life.
The former real estate manager, who has been paying attention to beautiful jewelry, said that one day she began to try pearls and half
At the weekly market in Monte Kila, she sells antiques for her sister and gems.
She began to make and sell designs with pearls and semi-pearlsGems.
The response to her work was good because working women, young girls, students and jewelry lovers of all ages fell in love with her design.
"It really improved my self and inspired me to start my own business.
Therefore, it is beneficial to engage in jewelry design,
Her love for pearls has an impact, "Christina said of her business that began in 2004.
"Xinjin" refers to pearls in Japanese.
Although Christine's jewelry ideas bloom in her later years, she never looked back at the moment she set foot on the journey.
She keeps getting to know the industry, creates new, unique designs and sells well.
The encouragement and support of family and friends prompted her to create more and more things.
Her initial success prompted her to expand, and by 2006 she had launched the new Jin Pearl at the Lot 10 mall in Kuala Lumpur, working with her sister Diana, who is still running the store today
Despite the large collection of pearls, Christina's personal favorite is still the famous Japanese Akoya pearls, not so much because of their value or shape, but because they bring back good memories of her childhood.
"Akoyas is actually the most popular cultured pearl in pearl chains and earrings.
These are high-quality pearls and the first Japanese pearls to be farmed in the 1920 s.
They are usually made with gold buckles, their white and rose shades and deep and beautiful gloss complement those fair skin tones.
The Akoya Pearl is similar to the freshwater pearl, just bigger, smoother, more rounded, and more lustrous, "said Christina, who thought the mother's Akoya Pearl was a treasure.
Six months ago, the Shinjin pearl store in the village II mall of Bangsa was established with a large number of pearls and semi-pearls
All kinds of gems.
"When I first set up The New Pearl, my intention was to see that every girl and woman could afford the beauty of the Pearl.
That's why I consider specific age groups when designing.
For young girls, these designs are more modern and bolder, and for working women, we have more elegant and low-key designs, "said Christina, third of the four brothers and sisters.
She added, "every girl or woman should be able to have the pleasure of wearing pearls because it gives them some confidence that they can look decent no matter what occasion.
"From classic design, everyday accessories, statement pieces to bridal jewelry, most of Christina's designs are included.
"I like half of it.
Precious gems such as rubies, wreaths, topstones, emeralds, Jade are added to my pearl design to make it look unique and elegant.
"I replaced the usual platinum or platinum accessories with silver, and some designs can be mixed with other suits," Christina said . " She began designing her own jewelry in 2005.
Each piece of jewelry is designed, handmade and sold by the New Jade Pearl.
Today, Pearl Shinjin has five stores in Malaysia. Lot 10 (
Established in 2006), Pavillion (2008)
Anbang East shopping mall (2008)
Village 2, Bangsar (2013)
Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (2013).
The company also has two counters at the Garden Mall and the Isetan department store at KLCC.
In addition to the local business, the products of new Tianjin Pierce are also sold through dealers in Europe.
Christina said the company will open another retail counter in KLIA 2 next year.
"Each store has a unique concept with a carefully tailored portfolio with a certificate of authenticity.
"We want to attract more new customers and repeat customers," Christina said . " She began expanding her retail business in new Tianjin Pierce in 2009.
Christina, with the help of her sister, runs the operations and retail operations of all Xinjin pearl stores.
"It's not easy to conceive and design every new jewelry collection.
In addition to testing your creativity, you must also be very detailed about every product produced.
"Our new series is launched every two months because our loyal customers come back again and again to check out the new products," Christina said . " When she gets the chance to get inspiration for a new design or theme, her creative juices work overtime.
"The trend in the jewelry industry is unpredictable.
You can't predict what will be hot and fashionable in the future.
You can only guess based on the feedback you get and market trends.
I am trying to satisfy my customers and it is a very high order because the tastes are wide in different markets, "she said.
According to Christina, the three most popular pearls for jewellery today are Nanhai Pearl, Akoya pearl and freshwater pearl.
"Each Pearl has its own quality, and depending on your personality and budget, you can choose any of them and benefit from the elegance they bring," said Christina . " She also added that she soon had her father Toh Kam, thanking her for her disciplined professional ethics.
The more unique look of The New Pearl is the baroque pearl, which costs about RM3, 000.
"The Baroque style is very strange --looking pearl.
Irregular shape, this type of Pearl does not always form a pearl.
Since these pearl cysts are unable to overcome the resistance of tough muscle fibers in some oysters, they present unusual shapes that make them very unique.
I usually include Swarovski crystals with baroque pearls.
"Baroque pearls are abstract and considered odd due to their endless irregular shapes, but they are very light and beautiful, especially if you can set them up creatively.
Natural salt water pearls are usually Baroque or semi-Baroque. baroque.
"Perfect round gems are very rare," explains Christina . " She buys gems from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar.
Contrary to the traditional wisdom that you can only wear pearls on special occasions, said Christina, pearls are a low-key and elegant jewelry that can be worn every day, from day to night, from blue jeans to evening dresses and everything in.
"Our pearls are very diverse and designed with a special twist of natural inspiration and classic appeal.
"Some are timeless, but modern, to complement women today," Christina said . " She was inspired by things in the animal kingdom, flowers and even creepy reptiles.
"Each piece is made by Pearl and semi-hand.
Precious gems
We also accept custom orders, "said Christina, with the help of Gemologist Wan Ken Wei.
Wan is also a director of Shinjin Pearl, who is ready to give his expert opinion on the gems and pearls used in the store.
"Pearls are unique gems, and they have different grading criteria based on seven factors --
Quality, value, size, shape, color, beauty and surface quality.
Their size and quality depends on the size and health of the software that produces pearls, the size of the nucleus, and the climate and conditions under which the software grows.
"Usually, whether it's a real gem or a pearl, customers need a guarantee for the gem they buy.
I usually identify gems and determine their grade, "said Wan, a gemologist certified by the American Institute of gemstones.
Christina says she will start a franchise program next year.
She is recruiting 20 franchisees for Xinjin Pearl.
"This franchise program is dedicated to aspiring women who want to do business with us.
They will be trained for a month and should be able to carry the image of Shinjin Pearl.
There are three different modules.
"The RM50 000 of the Kiosks Pavilion, the RM100 000 of the retail counter, and the RM350 000 of the shoe yard," said kiosks . ".
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