christmas, from a child's viewpoint - purple jewelry set

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christmas, from a child\'s viewpoint  -  purple jewelry set
On the last busy days before Christmas, it is sometimes easy for adults to forget to see what the holiday looks like through their children's eyes.
So, for all the kids
For those who wish they were-
Here are some ideas from Rose Garden and Salinas elementary school students about everything about Christmas.
This is the topic that the children are talking about at Rose Garden Primary School: Seven-year-old , a second-
Grade students say the best thing about the holiday is "stay with my family.
He listed his favorite holiday food on s's mores, and if he could buy a gift for the teacher it would be the "bee house" because she called us her Busy Bee
", 7, another second --
The grade student said that if he had $100 to buy a gift for the teacher, he "would have bought a new one because of her old one, which was not functioning properly.
He said his favorite Christmas present was gingerbread cookies.
He plans to eat "about 20 or 21" cookies this year, and his favorite Christmas carol is "sledge trip" because my mom and I once danced.
Another student in the 7-year-old Miller class said she wanted to buy her teacher a set of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings that were all red jewelry.
She listed her favorite Christmas food: turkey and mashed potatoes.
Making snowmen and singing "snowmen" are a few things to stay for Christmas at the age of 7. The second-
Grade students say Frosty is an interesting song that has something to do with Christmas and if I can make a snowman I will pick the clothes I want to wear. ”Seven-year-
Old Alea Posada, second
The grade student in the class said she wanted a new one.
"I want a new one because it's purple and purple is my favorite color because I think it's beautiful.
She also said that if she had $100 to buy a gift for the teacher, she would have bought it for the teacher.
Gonzalez's new black Corvette.
Christmas is not the only thing in December. The 8-year-
The third old student
Her birthday is in December.
Enjoy her winter birthday because "we can go skating or something.
Because my favorite color is blue and blue is my birthstone, I like to be a baby in December.
"Her favorite thing to eat during the holidays is fresh green beans and her mother's special sauce.
"My favorite thing for Christmas is snow, if there is no snow, we can stay with our family and pray to God for the happy things we can do, say, 7 seconds-
Rate students in class.
Canned cranberry is the favorite holiday food for 8 peopleyear-old , a third-grader in Ms.
Classes in Canseco
"I just like cans because they are easier to eat," he said . " He added that his favorite thing to do on Christmas Day is "sit down and do Christmas cards for my mom and dad with my sister who acts like she hates me but she doesn't”, 8, a third-
Grade students in the class said he likes to make and decorate gingerbread cookies and plans to eat eight of them.
If he has $100 to buy a gift for the teacher, he will buy her "diamond ".
"If he can, seven years old, the first student --
Grade class, he said he would buy a "new vacuum in her house" for his teacher, and he has figured out how Santa received all the gifts in one night: "He was helped by the Elves;
All the boys have 200 elves.
The 7-year-old girl, also in Geyer's class, said she wanted to buy four gift cards for each of her parents;
My father's college, my mother's Macy's, "she loves gingerbread cookies.
If 7-year-old Brigitte lababella had $100 to buy a gift for her teacher, "I'll buy her a basket of good things she wants, like perfume and cosmetics --
Because my parents have bought her a strawberry perfume. ” The first-
The first year student said that her favorite Christmas food was star fruit, but "I have never eaten it, but I think it will be very good.
Lababella, 7, who is also in class, said he likes to open gifts and play with toys.
He wanted to have some wrestling statues and added, "I 've put some stars around the statues I really want.
He believes that if the president of the United States wants a gift, "he will want a dog that looks like a wolf, and the name of the dog is the president of the dog. ”For 7-year-old , a first-
Grade students in Amy Faye's class, the perfect Christmas meal is "bacon and champarrado ".
Godwin, who recently moved to San Antonio from the Philippines, said he liked traditional island dishes champarrado, similar to chocolate rice pudding. If first-
A 7-year-old first-year student has $100 to spend on a gift to a teacher.
Faye, she will buy her a real duck.
We are in duck class.
My teacher likes ducks, so do I.
I think she will say (the duck)Sparkles.
Sage Diskerud, 7, is number one
The grade students in the class said that she likes to eat pumpkin pie at Christmas.
"We're actually from H-E-
We put ice cream on it.
"She also wants Santa to send a LaLaLoopsy doll and her mom to buy a new dress and her dad to buy a machine gun.
"It's not true, it's Nerf," she added . ".
Getting some new Power Rangers will be the most important thing this Christmas. The 6-year-old first-
The grade student in Escobar class said he was looking forward to spending time with his cousin in New Hampshire.
"We are going to ski and we may have a chance to make a snowman because there will be billions of snow there.
He also thinks President Obama wants a history book about Columbus as a Christmas gift.
The children at Salinas Elementary School were thinking: "I do like to watch the lights on the Christmas tree, all brown, green, red and white, say 6-year-old , a first-
Grade students in Meaghan Tauril class.
Landon said he wanted a remote.
His favorite carol is "Jingle Bells" because it has my favorite rhythm.
Watermelon is the favorite holiday food for 6 people. year-old , a first-
A grade student in Lori tamasaca.
"Actually, I want a lot of things for Christmas," added Kaelee . ".
"I want a Barbie laptop. it's fake —
There is also a LalaLoopsy doll as my favorite color is pink.
If Kaelee could buy a gift for her teacher, it would be a "golden ruby ring ". ”, 8, a third-
A grade student in Sunnie woods class said he was looking forward to visiting his family and playing video games.
"That's all," he said. Six-year-
Old, a student in the class, said she wanted a "Big Doll House" for Christmas energy savings ".
If she has $100 to buy a gift for anyone, it is a gift for her grandparents "Mimi" and "poppy.
"I will buy Mimi a necklace and I will buy a poppy camera because I broke his other necklace," she added . ". , 8, a second-
Grade students in Woods's class say she wants her mom to get something from Bath and physical engineering, and her dad gets some hunting gear as well.
"I like Rudolf in red --
Because it's a great movie and the song is great.
Eight, also in Woods class, said she wanted Santa to bring her a pet rabbit.
"A very fluffy white one, I would call it Jessie because my favorite cousin in the world is Jessie.
Kaylee thinks President Obama wants a suit in all colors. . .
Red, white and blue.
Happy World is the most popular Christmas carol.
Hewitt, 8, third
The grade students in the class said: "My mother and I both like to sing this song, which is a good song.
Marissa wants to buy a few new clothes for her dog, "Raven, a Chiweenie, but they have to be small and small.
The 8-year-old Santa Claus said in Garcia's class: "Santa Claus was able to deliver gifts around the world one night because" he has 1,000 elves. ".
During the holidays, he said, the Italian spicy sausage pizza was his favorite food.
If he could go anywhere in the world at Christmasyear-
Old Thomas Moody will "go to the North Pole because it often snows there.
He said he likes to make gingerbread houses.
"It is made of candy;
You can get a lot of candy and chocolate to decorate it.
The 9-year-old Jaloni Rideoutt, who is also in Garcia's class, said he likes to watch "happy people" because it's fun to watch them open the gift.
He said he also likes to have dinner with his family.
"My family likes to eat turkey and some other special food that my grandma made, but I don't know what it's called.
Eight-year-old Quincy duprisis said he believes President Obama "wants the world to be better and taxes to fall ".
"Go to her grandmother's house in Wichita Falls, and 8-year-old Abigail McBride is the second --
Grade students in the Belinda Saldana class thought about Christmas.
She also wants some pepper.
Alexis McBride, 8, who is also a student in Saldana's class, loves watching The Nutcracker ballet because it has wonderful music and I like to dance.
"She also wants to spend time with her family at Wichita Falls with my uncle and aunt --
"Everyone is there for Christmas.
Holden Hawkins, 8, third
The grade student in Samantha White's class said he knew the perfect gift for the teacher: "I think she wants everyone in the class to be quiet.
Everyone was loud, but I didn't.
"IF 7-year-old Lily Stanridge is the second student at Chara Moore --
Grade class, with $100 for a gift for her teacher, she knew what it would be: "I'll give her a key to open anything. . .
The purple key to anything in the world.
Last but not least, Noah Elizabeth, 8 and third
The grade student in Mary diblau's class said he would not buy anything for his teacher because "she said she had a lot of things and she didn't want anything.
His favorite Christmas carol is jingle bells, because it's the only song I know.
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