coloured diamonds soar, russian royal gems stall at sotheby's - stone necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-05
coloured diamonds soar, russian royal gems stall at sotheby\'s  -  stone necklace set
GENEVA (Reuters)-
Colored diamonds won strong prices on Wednesday and rare large pink and blue diamonds found new owners
The number of Sotheby's "rare treasures" is millions (BID. N)said. London-
Jewellers based at Grafton Diamond Limited purchased top tier locations
Cut beautiful pink diamonds weighing 17 lbs.
07 karat, set in a ring, 20.
8 million Swiss francs ($20. 75 million)
Far beyond its pre-
Sales estimates for 11. 8 to 14.
The auction house said 7 million francs.
Graff also received a 13-pound fine pink diamond ring.
16 20 karat.
It says 2 million francs.
"Sky Blue Diamond" is a rare blue stone in Cartier's ring, which costs 17.
1 million Swiss francs ($17. 06 million), it said. The emerald-
Cut eight-pound blue diamonds.
01 karat of private collections are estimated at $15 million to $25 million.
"The demand for colored diamonds is still very large and very healthy," David Bennett, global chairman of Sotheby's international jewelry division, presided over half
Annual sales of Lake Geneva hotels.
"People who want the rarest and most beautiful are looking for these rare treasures," he said . ".
The stone was awarded 1% of the blue diamonds submitted by the American Gem Institute, which is the highest possible color level (GIA)
Sotheby's reported.
At Christie's on Tuesday, a pear.
Pink diamonds for £ 18.
0. 127 billion Swiss francs ($18. 11 million)
Tender by telephone to an Asian collector
The company said the auction received 97 million francs, marked by a "healthy price.
Overall, Sotheby's sales revenue was 136.
7 million Swiss francs ($136. 39 million), with 87.
Of the 4% batches sold, there were 341.
Four pieces each bring more than $10 million.
But the diamond necklace commissioned by the Russian crown jewelry company by Catherine the Great (1729-1796)
, Failed to sell, stuck in the block after failing to reach the secret reserve price set by the owner. Its pre-
Sales are estimated at $3 million to $5 million.
This royal work with a diamond bow buckle was kept in a solid room in the Kremlin during World War I and sold by the Bolshevik government as part of the 1927 auction. A 19th-
It is estimated that a diamond in the history of century Russia, consisting of white and colored diamonds, is worth $3 million to $5 million.
Catherine I of Russia, the second wife of Peter the Great, Sotheby's said that it may have been handed over to the Sultan Ahmed III of Ottoman as part of the "ransom, to help the negotiations end the siege of Presse on 1711. ($1 = 1.
0023 Swiss francs)
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