court hears engagement rings found in accused socks - jewellery set with price

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-12
court hears engagement rings found in accused socks  -  jewellery set with price
A man found a still-priced engagement ring in his socks, the man accused of involvement in 50,000 armed attacks against a jeweler in AMA County.
The claim was filed in the High Court of Justice in Sean Donnelly's bail application, who is 29 years old and is located on Colinview Street in Belfast St.
He denied the charges.
In the robbery of May Tandragee, watches, chains and other items were also taken away.
Refused bail.
Prosecutors also claimed that Donnelly hijacked a car for "robbery" and smashed the shop's glass display cabinet with a hammer.
The second man is said to be with him with a saw.
In the attack last month, the double-barrel shotgun was turned off.
Donnelly denies allegations of robbery, illegal imprisonment, possession of criminal property, intention to carry firearms, hijacking and arson.
A judge who refused to apply for bail said the circumstances surrounding the robbery indicated that organized criminal gangs were involved in the robbery.
The court heard two masked men walking into the Market Street with a saw.
Shotgun and hammer.
The court was informed that a staff member was forced into a back room and was ordered to open the safe.
The attacker fled with jewelry and entered a waiting Audi A4, driven by a third man who was allegedly hijacked from a car dealer in Newtownabbey mall.
Before the suspect ran to a BMW, it was lit near skarawa, a female colleague
The defendant was allegedly driving.
After a chase, it was intercepted in the Craigavon area, and balaclavas, gloves and boiler sets were also retrieved.
The court heard that another car, a Vauxhall Kosa, had also been searched and some stolen jewelry had also been seized.
Nicolas orret, who filed the lawsuit, said it was burnt.
Audi was taken away after a dealer's staff member was ordered to drop off during the test drive.
"The applicant was captured by CCTV in the car showroom where the test drive was requested," she told the court . ".
Barry Gibson, who defended the case, acknowledged the prima facie case against Mr. Donnelly on the grounds that he allegedly appeared in a BMW car wearing an engagement ring.
But the lawyer stressed that there was no facial feature of the masked robber.
Mr. Gibson said that his client insisted that he was not involved and claimed that he had taken the Diazapam tablet at the time to calm himself down after a quarrel with his partner.
"He said he had no good recollection of the arrest of him and was confused about what happened during that time," he added . ".
Justice Girvan, who declined bail, also noted that the prosecution claimed that "the discharge from his engagement ring shoe still carries a price tag ".
The judge added that anyone convicted of robbery would face heavy punishment.
"Due to the serious nature of the crime, there is a risk of absconding.
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