court of appeal upholds edmonton man's extradition to u.s. to face terrorism charges - the jewelry store

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-08
court of appeal upholds edmonton man\'s extradition to u.s. to face terrorism charges  -  the jewelry store
The Alberta appeals court upheld an extradition order against a man facing terrorism charges in the United States.
34-year-old Abdullahi Ahmad Abdullahi has been charged in the United StatesS.
Conspiracy to provide and provide material support to terrorists engaged in violence in Syria.
On May 2018, he was extradited by Queen's Court judge John littlele.
Three judges of the Court of Appeal
Barbara Leia veldehuth, Joanne streikev, and Dawn Pentelechuk-
Abdul Rahi was questioned last Wednesday about the extradition order. "Mr.
In his appeal, Abdullahi put forward the same argument as the extradition judge, "they wrote in a decision issued on Tuesday.
These arguments include the "deliberate blurring" record of the case and the view that some information came from witnesses who were no longer alive.
"In our view, sir.
The appeal of Abdullahi was based on a false suggestion of evidence. . .
"This does not meet the standard of evidence for criminal trials in Canada," they wrote . ".
"This is not a test.
"They say it is correct for the extradition judge to conclude that the evidence is reliable and available for trial.
Abdullahi can still seek permission to appeal to the Supreme Court before he is deported to the United StatesS.
Akram Attia, his lawyer, could not be reached for comment.
American officials say abdul Rahi colluded with Douglas McCain, the first American to fight for the Islamic State, and others in the United States. S. and Canada.
Abdullahi, also known as Phish or Fish, was indicted in California on March 2017 and arrested by Canadian authorities on September 2017. The U. S.
According to the indictment, abdul Rahi colluded with McCain and others to provide personnel and money to the Syrian people involved in terrorist activities, including killing, kidnapping and maiming.
It also claimed that Abdullahi had robbed a jewelry store in Edmonton, funded the travel of McCain and others, and then wired the money.
Abdullahi also faces armed robbery charges in Canada.
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