david yurman crossover collection priced between cheap-and-cheerful and oligarch level - rose gold fashion earrings

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-21
david yurman crossover collection priced between cheap-and-cheerful and oligarch level  -  rose gold fashion earrings
I am not attracted to the super serious jewelry.
Maybe if I had a bank balance of 21 century oligarchs, or had a chance to play in jewelry and fashion in 21 century oligarchs, I might have a different feeling.
But, I dare say, for those who whistle, some have no sense of humor, or even lack of real style, which makes me very satisfied with the well-matched costumes, wonderful national discoveries, and retro.
Also, finding something cool and cheap is always more fun than just walking around to Harry Winston and throwing a stack of cash on real stuff --
No matter how interesting money laundering is for those who practice money laundering.
However, the place where I am starting to shake is in this wonderful new cross-field where excellent jewelers are embracing the charm and whimsy of personal collections,. .
The costumes are good, with great ethnic style and retro style.
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The DY Bel Aire series, as the newscast material of youlman describes, is "eye-catching, young, vibrant and disruptive.
"Whether or not it really qualifies as a disruption to the entire jewelry industry, euelman asked me to take a closer look and it was too fresh and too unserious.
Centered on the age of 70
The inspiration rainbow of the enameled steel chain, connected in a box style similar to the lanyard --
Or a bracelet made by children at summer camp with bundogle and old gum wrappers --
The lines of DY Bel Aire are very modern. The multi-hued and multi-
The task chain is designed to be worn in as many ways as possible --
As a necklace, the wrapped bracelet, in pairs, or, if you have a budget, group the layers in color.
Each chain has its own little "DY" signature charm, but you can customize your signature look by adding a collection of beaches
Inspired, witty amulet: a branch of "coral", mysterious Ivory or evil eyes, or antiques --looking, bezel-
Hanging gems that can be thrown into pirate treasure-themed mix.
This style of 14 K gold and half Gold
The gem will give you a little more than a bargain under $10 on the flea market, but, another unusual thing is that it's priced-between cheap-and-
Optimistic and oligopolistic: the enameled steel chain starts at $850 and the silver amulet starts at $400.
If I splurge, my own preference is the small coral branch of rose gold chain and black onyx agate, although almost every item is tempting, I may find it difficult to stop in just one place.
Even though it's considered a "good" jewel, I think I'll put it anywhere on top of all the other fun and not serious jewels I already have. (
Holt Renfrew, and David Yurman online. com)
Karen von Hahn is from Toronto.
Writers, trend watchers, and style commentators.
Her new book, what's left: object lessons in love and loss, is published by Anansi Press.
Contact her at karenvonhahn. com .
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