demand for fusion jewellery on the rise - pearl set in gold

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-06
demand for fusion jewellery on the rise  -  pearl set in gold
Despite changes in gold prices, the city's showroom business has been active over the past week.
As Sravanam month celebrates "sravana sukravaram" and "varalakshmi puja", women find this the best time to invest in gold jewelry.
Profit from the trend in Hyderabad-
Jewelers say it is easy to hold exhibitions this season.
"Every year, we introduce new product lines to meet the needs of our local customers.
Despite the rise in gold prices, Visakhapatnam's business is always unstoppable, "said.
Deputy Secretary General
Manager, PMJ jewelry company, Hyderabad, who showed a copy of two
Day exhibitions in the city
Except for light
Jewellers say there is a growing demand for fusion jewelry.
Low combination, they say. Carat diamond-
Inlaid with rows of pearls and rubies, a tie that combines emerald and diamond, and crafted polki jewelry, in fashion.
"We have old customers with traditional Nakshi technology all year round.
"Although this is our first exhibition in the city, there is a huge response to the fusion of jewelry, especially antiques, temples and contemporary jewelry designs," Karuna said . " Jewelry designers and partners at Hyderabad Anvika jewelry store. After a month-
Aashadam, a traditional jewelry store, has a long experience in lean business and is looking forward to the arrival of Sravana Masam.
"Although gold prices have risen from last week, people did invest in gold jewelry this month.
However, no matter how the price changes, there are positive changes in the market throughout the season, "said Suresh Jayaraman, manager of GRT jewellers.
Those who follow the tradition of buying jewelry for Sravana Masam puja say that their purchasing power depends on the price of the day.
"If the price is too high, we may end up buying a gold coin.
We prefer to invest in decorations if the price is reasonable, "said housewife Rama Tarakam.
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