diamonds rule lara's wedding jewelry - times of india - ring and necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-03
diamonds rule lara\'s wedding jewelry - times of india  -  ring and necklace set
Uncut diamond necklace with vilandis and rose-
Cutting diamonds, round diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls will rule Laura's wedding jewels.
Laura Dutta became news about her upcoming marriage to tennis star Mahesh Bhupathi.
It will be one of the most eye-catching weddings of the year, a blend of sports and Bollywood.
The Sangeet ceremony is scheduled to take place this evening in kandolim, Goa.
Only close friends and family will attend the seaside party.
Sang will wear an uncut diamond necklace with vilandis, rose-
Cut diamonds, round diamonds, Emerald, rubies and Ma Ang pearls-tika.
The Christian Victorian wedding to be held tomorrow will see Laura wearing very elegant diamond necklaces and earrings.
By the way, Laura DUTA has been a brand ambassador for d damas brand diamond jewelry for a long time, but she chose to get it from Mumbai designed by Anmol jeweler
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