diwali jewels that will have you sparkling - times of india - red necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-01
diwali jewels that will have you sparkling - times of india  -  red necklace set
Celebrate this Diwali with usual composure and increase the luxury and affluence of the latest fashion jewelry that suits this season.
What better time than this lantern festival to show off your dazzling gold and diamonds?
From the card party to Laxmi Puja, there are many occasions where jewelry can be worn and traditional and fusion costumes can be praised.
Buy these styles and you will be the heroine of Diwali this year.
Temple jewelry: designs depicting gods, goddesses, sacred motifs, gorgeous flowers, leaves and birds are recovering in the market.
"Indians are coming back to their ancient roots, and Temple jewelry is perfect for those looking for historical fragments," said a jeweler in Mumbai . " Their clients showed up with pictures of the temple.
He designed decorations that can be copied.
While it may seem troublesome for the delicate wearer on the shoulder, the beauty of the temple jewelry is that it is too gorgeous, and even the most common clothing will be full of charm.
Temple jewelry looks great in India as well as fusion clothing using Indian textiles or patterns.
Polki: the rise in diamond prices has led to a surge in demand for polki (uncut diamonds)
Plus diamonds.
The reason behind this is a polki-and-
A diamond necklace is much cheaper than a necklace made entirely of diamonds.
Whether you're buying something beautifully patterned or choosing a pair of simple polki lines, this is a hit for the season.
Look for designs dotted with rubies, diamonds or pearls.
Popular this season is the traditional pattern of polki delicate rings, bracelets and earrings.
Oversized stones: things are getting bigger and bigger (and better)
This Diwali when it comes to precious and half
At least gems. Big-
Size diamonds in demand.
So instead of looking for many small diamonds in a paved environment, look for a solitaire diamond in a prong environment.
Lonely people are classic, so they will never look out of date.
Experiment with the shape of diamonds and semi-diamondsGems.
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