dna design: it's in the genes - crystal necklace set

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dna design: it\'s in the genes  -  crystal necklace set
New york-If you are looking for a perfect gift, you may find it in your genes. A U. K. -
A company called design na produces jewelry, glassware, carpets, mirrors, stained glass and wall hangings that incorporate the individual DNA patterns of people into the design.
Louise olcroft said: "This is a gift that no one else will have . "search)
Together, a geneticist
Design NA of founder.
Design na sends DNA kits to customers.
The customer took a cheek cotton swab and mailed it back to the company, then the company produced three
A color barcode representing the DNA chain.
Allcroft says what makes codeone one, is the spacing between bars and the Order of the three colors --
Yellow, blue and green.
"Unless you have the same twin, your DNA profile is completely unique to you," she said . ".
"This is the design of your life.
That's who you are.
This is another reflection of yourself.
"Once the DNA code was proposed by design, one of its artists incorporated the pattern into the product.
The most popular gift is jewelry.
DesigNA offers a range of ties made of colored beads or crystals placed at different distances from each other and can even make wedding rings using metal of different colors to represent a couple
The price of the item ranges from $140 for frame images of personal DNA profiles to thousands of dollars for some jewelry.
GeneticistJoann Boughman (search)
DesigNA is another extension of imitation of natural art.
"In our art, we have been imitating nature," said Borman, executive vice president of the American Society of Human Genetics.
"What this company is doing is lowering the molecular level, sharing the beauty of nature and taking it to a level that others can appreciate.
Rosie Clark, 23, has just received a designated crystal necklace from his parents, a late 21-
Her birthday present turned out to be exciting.
"It's very beautiful," Clark said of London . "
"It's very modern and cool.
She said she found the design na product online and thought the necklace was a perfect gift.
"You will never get the same people, will you? ” she said.
"It's very different.
This is a unique point of conversation.
Allcroft said that design combines art with science in order to popularize genetics.
"I want to bring genetics to the public in a positive way," she said . ".
In fact, DNA has become a theme in popular culture.
Its role in cloning and crime resolution has aroused public interest.
The entertainment industry has also taken advantage of this phenomenon, with popular TV shows like CSI and spin-off CSI Miami.
"DNA is now a hot word," says Lynn Godley, a product designer and professor at Parsons School of Design.
It sounds like "another way of selling" to incorporate the pattern into the gift design, she said ".
"It seems like a gimmick," Godley said . "
"This is very effective from a marketing perspective.
From the designer's point of view, I think this is lacking.
Another Parsons product design professor disagreed, saying that DNA patterns are interesting design elements.
"I think it has artistic value," says Richard Penney . ".
"This is an effective exploration of design.
He pointed to two people.
Size artwork currently on display in scooping, New YorkHewitt Museum (search)
This is based on DNA coding.
But some people are sensitive to the concept of DNA. inspired gifts.
"On Such a multi-level, it makes me so upset that I don't think I'm going to buy something like this," says Kristina Baden, a store planner on Long Island.
"It's a little strange.
If you want to personalize a gift for someone, please write their name on it.
I don't need to see this spiral.
"However, from the response Allcroft said she got, there are a lot of people who think the concept is attractive.
"With this, you are involved in your own creation," she said . ".
It captures the imagination.
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