drug user gets 24 years for "horrific" murder - silver necklace set

by:JINGLIXIN     2019-08-15
drug user gets 24 years for \
A drug addict who killed a rival with a hammer and stabbed him several times was sentenced to 24 years in prison.
Troy joshuya Townley, 27, was convicted by a jury in June 2008 of murdering Chabel 'Charlie 'Boulos after Mr. Boulos had been on ice, he was in a San Albans garage like a lounge with his then girlfriend Karen Hanna.
Yesterday, the Victoria Supreme Court heard that before Tang Li appeared at the address of Stradbroke Drive, he had a dispute with his ex-girlfriend Hannah MS by text message.
He went into the garage and hit Mr. Boulas.
He turned his back on him.
In addition to several blows to the face, the head was hit six times with a hammer.
He then used what judge Betty King said was "severe force" to stab Mr Boulas with 10 knives in his chest.
Hannah MS took care of some of Mr. Blas's belongings with the help of her brother and then covered the body with sheets.
They dragged Mr. Boulas's body to the Derrimut's house in Townley and put it on the trailer with a mattress.
A few days after leaving the body there, Townley took a silver necklace worn by Mr. Blas and sold it to a friend.
He then drove the trailer to the Laurie Emmins reserve in Laverton and lit the mattress and the body of Mr. Blas.
On June 30, a dog walker found his body.
Judge Betty King called the murder "terrible ".
"The level of violence, like his skull and facial bones are broken in so many places, is really terrible for the courts and the public," she said . ".
"How much of this is the effect of the combination of drug ice or alcohol or all of these substances, which I and anyone else don't know and there is no real assessment method.
It is obvious that all of you live in a way that is wasteful, dangerous and clearly fatal.
"She added that while it was not possible to state his exact motive for killing Mr. Boulas, it was suggested that it might be related to the drugs he carried at the time of his death and the money he earned through the drug trade that night.
Another motivation was the jealousy of Hannah's MS, who provided evidence that he expressed "great jealousy" to any male who spoke to her or was concerned about her ".
Judge King noted the pain and suffering suffered by Mr. Boulas's family after his death, as outlined in their statement of victim impact.
"The judgment of the court never reflects the value of a person, because the value of each person is immeasurable," she said . ".
"It can only be hoped that one day his family will be able to look back at Charlie and smile happily at their memories of him, rather than looking back in pain at what he lost.
Mr. Bross's family and friends called Tang Li "f---
When he was taken from court, you were shouting "rotten in Hell" next to him ".
The court heard that Townley had been on drugs since his teenage years, and he pleaded not guilty to murder, but blamed the crime on his girlfriend and her brother.
On April, he was convicted by a jury.
Judge King ordered him to be a non
19 years of parole.
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